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Share Your Thesis Source Code and Get Paid has been there for years giving free source code to students and even professional programmer who’d like to leverage from existing project. We, at would like to extend this endeavor to help other programmer specially the students to avail such cause. By sharing your source code of your thesis, you’ll not only help other programmer but also you’ll receive a flack of appreciation and monetary equivalent to reward yourself of this endeavor. So how do we determine the amount we’re going to give?

Here’s the guidelines:

Thesis source code with documentation = up to $60.00 USD
Thesis source code only = up to $40 USD

How do you get paid?

PayPal, or if you’re in the Philippines, Banks and any remittances like Cebuana Lhuillier, Palawan or the like.

When do you get paid?

Every end of month and or after two (2) weeks. This is necessary so we can check if there is no copyright claim on your submission.

Is the amount you’re going to received fixed?

No. It depends on the complexity of its features and the source code. It could be beyond or less than the amount we offer.

What if you don’t agree with the amount?

In the case that we don’t agree with the amount, your project will not be publish on the site and will be deleted afterward.

Where to submit the source code?

Contact us if you have question:

Que debe de tener la tesis.
Ejemplo: Nro de tablas, nro. de archivos
Tecnologias como:

  1. PDO
  3. AJAX
  4. ETC

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