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Android/Mobile Thesis and Capstone Projects

Android/Mobile Thesis and Capstone Projects If you are looking for Android/Mobile Thesis and Capstone Projects then you are at the right place. We have a list of mobile projects below for your capstone and thesis projects in your school. All listed below, it can be create or developed in three major mobile Operating System or OS, those are IOS, Android, and Windows. Read Also: List of Thesis Title

Pokemon Go Releases New Feature: Indicator Of Nearby Pokemon Is Finally On Screen

Pokemon Go is one of the most trending games which marked the history. It has definitely brought the different nations the craze as they are looking for Pokemon characters on their screens. The scene of the real world makes the game even more engaging. Though many are really hooked into the game, still something lies behind it just like every other game - it needs some modifications to perform

MuddyBot Robot Invention: Mudskipper Robot Mimics Ancient Land Animals' First 'Steps'

The muddyRobot caught the attention of the world. This new invention provides a new help to the new generation of scientists to their discoveries. According to a report, the robot will help the scientists to understand how animals moved million of years ago. The robot was modeled after the mudskipper fish that walks short distances over rocks. The African mudskipper observations of the mudskipper

Viral 1,000-Plus Dancing Droids break the Guinness World Records

There are still people who are not aware that robots exist. Robots have been used to all over the world to make the dangerous jobs that human can't do. Some of the robots work for the biggest company in the world. Like for examples, they work in mines, industrial factories, consumer goods factories, and many more places. According to a research, Robots have existed for over 80 years and they

Iran Spares Country From Pokemon Go Phenomenon

Pokemon Go has become a phenomenon in the digital world. A lot of mobile users were really hooked into it - going to streets with heads down on their phone or with stretched hands but still with eyes set on the screen. This Pokemon Go phenomenon has been rampant in several countries - it has even reached the Philippines. Undeniably, the mobile game really makes people feel excited about it as it

Apple Releases New Inviting Update: Specialized Parenting-Themed Emojis

Emojis have become a trend in social media communication like Facebook and as well as even in mere text messaging. Users get so fond with it as emojis not only add color to the conversation but at times directly express what the user feels. One thing different between face-to-face communication and distant communication through technology is that words can never express the way of delivery of the

Windows 10 Levels Up To Red Stone 3 By 2017

Microsoft is undeniably a computer software giant in the field of technology. Through the years, its upgrades, innovations, and progress have scaled higher and higher. It is friendly to computer users. It was just a few years ago when it launched the Windows 10 that really made a mark in the digital history. Basic computer interface jumped a big leap and landed to an upgrade that features both the

First Programmable And Re-programmable Quantum Computer In The History

This world is full of the benefits of technology. Humans are mostly depending on technology too much.Through technology, it makes life easier. Many scientists said that every day new technology was born. Because most of the people from all around the world discover new innovations. Like for example, the recent report about the Scientists has created the first programmable and reprogrammable

Apple Invites Outside Researchers To Find Vulnerabilities In Its Systems In Exchange For Bug Bounties

For better performance of systems, companies try their best to detect vulnerabilities in it so it could be addressed immediately and won't hamper the performance of the system. In line with the preceding system, Apply Company now opens their system to outside researchers in its pursuit to level up its performance. According to a report in Inquirer, Ivan Krstic, company's head of security

Sea Hunter, 132-foot (40 meters) Unmanned Vessel: US Military's Robotic Submarine Hunter

The new unmanned Us military's Submarine Hunter Completes its first tests at sea. According to a report, the Us military Ship was the first unmanned Military ship that completes its journey on the sea. The robotic design was designed to help the U.S. military to hunt their enemy submarines. The Submarine was called as the "Sea Hunter," it completes its performance test in the sea.The Submarine was