Google Unveils Beta Version of iOS, Android App-Developing Tool "Flutter"

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One of the usual tasks of many developers is creating an android or an iOS app. However, undeniably, it is a complex thing to do and several advancements in the field like the release of "Flutter" is a big help to developers.

What is Flutter?
Since last year, developing android and iOS apps is more convenient and less complicated with the help of Flutter, an open-source toolkit. It is designed to aid developers in creating cross-platform apps.

Flutter's development kit contains UI widgets for Material Design, preloaded widgets, supporting Visual Studio Code and Android Studio, and iOS-Style widgets.

Flutter's Beta Version Released
Recently, another good thing about Flutter crossed the surface - its beta version has been released. Based on Google Developers, it now supports the pre-release version of Dart 2. Developers also have more than 1,000 choices in terms of packages that work with the app-developing tool.

Tool's best features include...

  • Developers can see changes in the app without losing the application state
  • Flexible Designs
  • Rich Animation Libraries
  • Layered Architecture
  • Screen Reader Support
  • iPhone X and iOS 11 Support

How to switch to the new beta of Flutter through GitHub?

  • Switch channels by running flutter channel
  • Run "flutter upgrade" (In case you encounter a problem on upgrading Flutter, GitHub has some instructions you may consider.)

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