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E-Commerce Application in Android with Full Source Code

Project: E-Commerce Application in Android with Full Source Code

The E-Commerce Application in Android is a designed as very simple android application that students who are starting to learn computer programming can use this project as their reference. This E-Commerce Application is very easy to use and understand because of its simple interface. Students can freely modify this project and add features according to their desire.

Google Unveils Beta Version of iOS, Android App-Developing Tool "Flutter"

One of the usual tasks of many developers is creating an android or an iOS app. However, undeniably, it is a complex thing to do and several advancements in the field like the release of "Flutter" is a big help to developers. What is Flutter? Since last year, developing android and iOS apps is more convenient and less complicated with the help of Flutter, an open-source toolkit. It is designed to aid developers in creating cross-platform apps.

Electronic Lock Android App (All-In-One Lock)

This is one of android apps named Electronic Lock. As you can see, you can customized your android phone in any lock/unlock app that what you want. This is also one of the capstone projects that I have made for a particular school. This app Features: - Signature Lock - Swiping Lock - Sliding Lock - Settings Download the source code. Copy and install the lock.apk to your android phone to run the app. For more inquiries and need programmer for your thesis systems in any kind of programming languages, just contact my number below. Best Regards, Engr.

Bomb Explode! (An Android App Strategy Game)

This android app named Bomb Explode! is a capstone project that I made for a particular school. BOMB EXPLODE! is a Human Versus Computer strategy game. The objective is to eliminate the opponent by blowing up their BOMBS. Each player takes a turn by placing a BOMB in a square on the board. The human player can start by placing the first BOMB or have the computer start by pressing the Computer First button. A player can place the BOMB in any square not occupied by the opponent.

Electronics Engineering (ECE) Reviewer Android Application

ECE Reviewer app is an Android application (a capstone project) that caters the needs of Electronics Engineering students who wants to take a review for their exams. The app has four categories such as Mathematics, Electronics Engineering, Electronic Systems and Technologies, and General Engineering and Applied Sciences.