Integrate a Custom Google Programmable Search Engine on Websites

In this tutorial, you can learn how to Integrate a Custom Google Programmable Search Engine for websites using JavaScript. The main purpose of this tutorial is to provide students and beginners with a reference for learning to integrate the google search engine into a website. Here is a simple web page script that demonstrates the integration of the google search engine into a simple website.

How to Generate a QR Code using Google QR Code API and PHP

This tutorial tackles how to create a QR Code using Google QRCode API with PHP. QR stands for Quick Response and as per Google Dictionary description, it is a machine-readable code consisting of an array of black and white squares, typically used for storing URLs or other information for reading by the camera on a smartphone.

Google Promotes Android Apps On Chromebook Setup

Google is in the pursuit of bridging the gap between the Chrome OS and Android. It is visibly in line with its 'Better Together' initiative which is continually pushed by the technological giant. Previously, in 2016, Google made an announcement that Chrome OS is supporting Android apps. However, during that time, only six Chromebooks provide support to Android apps and there are bugs and problems

SyntaxDB: Programmers' Run-To Search Engine

Undeniably, a huge chunk of the world's population now is relying on technology when it comes to researches - most especially on-the-spot ones. Confusions are often typed on Google search bar, isn't it? Google is really useful most especially for students and professionals as its instant responses make work easier and faster done. However, in the case of programmers, the long list may bring more

Google Unveils Beta Version of iOS, Android App-Developing Tool "Flutter"

One of the usual tasks of many developers is creating an android or an iOS app. However, undeniably, it is a complex thing to do and several advancements in the field like the release of "Flutter" is a big help to developers. What is Flutter? Since last year, developing android and iOS apps is more convenient and less complicated with the help of Flutter, an open-source toolkit. It is designed to

Google's AI "AutoML" Makes Jaw-Dropping Records

Artificial Intelligence or AI which works and reacts like humans is one of the widely-talked about topics in the field of web and app development now. It has undeniably affected the mobile app development in several ways including the fact that it helps provide a unique experience to every user as it can detect and make analysis out of the activities of the clients. Its reach does not only affect

Google Reveals Linux App Will Soon Be Supported By Chrome OS

Many developers prefer to utilize Chrome OS machines in their work. However, undeniably, it requires a great amount of effort to make Linux apps run on the said machines. A developer has to boot Linux on their device to be able to do so or utilize Crouton or another app. Have you ever imagined of Linux app being supported by Chrome OS? That imagination will soon come to reality. Google recently

Google Adds Chrome OS Emulator to Android Studio

Undeniably, the number of sales of Chromebooks now is really increasing as lots and lots of people from different fields are buying and using it. From students to developers and other professionals, the Chromebook is a great choice. Recently, Google made another move that is surely a good news to people who are using and planning to get a Chromebook. Based on William Judd's article on Developer

Google Cloud Announces Node.js Runtime Now Supported In Its App Engine Environment

Recently, a good news for the developers has crossed the surface. Google Cloud has paved the way to make it easier and simpler for the developers in writing the server code in JavaScript. How? Based on a recent article on Developer, the Google Cloud has made an announcement that its App Engine environment is now supporting Node.js, a fast cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment which makes