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Android Studio

E-Commerce Application in Android with Full Source Code

Project: E-Commerce Application in Android with Full Source Code

The E-Commerce Application in Android is a designed as very simple android application that students who are starting to learn computer programming can use this project as their reference. This E-Commerce Application is very easy to use and understand because of its simple interface. Students can freely modify this project and add features according to their desire.

Attendance Monitoring System in Android App with Full Source Code

Attendance Monitoring System in Android App with Full Source Code

The Attendance Monitoring System is developed in an Android Platform and with the use of Java programming language. This Attendance Monitoring System  is so simple and is designed with a user friendly interface. The main purpose of this Attendance Monitoring System in Android is to help schools or colleges in keeping track of the attendance of the students within the campus. About the Attendance Monitoring System in Android

Google Unveils Beta Version of iOS, Android App-Developing Tool "Flutter"

One of the usual tasks of many developers is creating an android or an iOS app. However, undeniably, it is a complex thing to do and several advancements in the field like the release of "Flutter" is a big help to developers.

What is Flutter?
Since last year, developing android and iOS apps is more convenient and less complicated with the help of Flutter, an open-source toolkit. It is designed to aid developers in creating cross-platform apps.

Google Adds Chrome OS Emulator to Android Studio

Undeniably, the number of sales of Chromebooks now is really increasing as lots and lots of people from different fields are buying and using it. From students to developers and other professionals, the Chromebook is a great choice. Recently, Google made another move that is surely a good news to people who are using and planning to get a Chromebook.

Simple aplicación con OpenCV en Android Studio

Un ejemplo del uso de openCV en android, aun hay un problema cuando carga el archivo haarcascade o LBP. Solo debe tenerse la versión de opencv 3.2 para android y linkearla correctamente. Solo use un archivo en C++ para que sea más fácil usarlo. Las configuraciones de librería usando NDK estan el el archivo CMakeList.txt