Official Android IDE Released by Google

The official Android IDE was already released by the world's leading technology company, Google, during the Google I/O event. The release of the Android IDE is a welcome development especially for the programming community who are thinking of working with Android. Until recently it is very difficult for programmer who wanted to create an app. Before the release of Android IDE, you have to install the SDK, install Eclipse, and then install the addin for Android development. Although Eclipse IDE is OK, but there have been criticisms of it in the latest results and it really doesn't make things easy for the beginner at Android development. In order to entice programmers and encourage them to develop for Android, the company got together with JetBraisn and modified the Intellij IDEA community edition to produce Android Studio. According to Google, the community edition is open source as is Android Studio. For the past few months, Google has been keeping this development in the dark but they now promises to move it into the light. Google was quoted as saying: "Starting next week we’ll be doing all of our development in the open, so you can follow along or make your own contributions. You can find the Android Studio project in AOSP at Android So what are the Here's the advantages of Android Studio: *** A complete development environment in one download. *** Installation is one-time advantage, but a good code editor. *** Almost as important as good code manipulation is the drag-and-drop UI. *** Access Google services more easily with the help of Android tools. *** A new build system. For more features watch the video below:
For more information about the Android IDE Released by Google, just visit the Android Studio Official Site.

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