Google Adds Chrome OS Emulator to Android Studio

Undeniably, the number of sales of Chromebooks now is really increasing as lots and lots of people from different fields are buying and using it. From students to developers and other professionals, the Chromebook is a great choice. Recently, Google made another move that is surely a good news to people who are using and planning to get a Chromebook. Based on William Judd's article on Developer, following the Google adding Linux app support to the operating system of Chrome, the technology giant has recently added a Chrome OS emulator to Android Studio. This move will make developers work more convenient with regards to testing of the Android apps on Chrome OS. There is no longer a need for the developer to utilize a Chromebook physically on testing the running of an Android app on Chrome OS. Guide on Testing Android Apps on Chrome OS: 1. Download and install Android Studio which is available for Linux, Windows, and Mac. According to the article, it is around 750 to 850 MB download depending on the platform. 2. Go to Tools > SDK Manager > SDK Update Sites and paste the following URLs to install the Chrome OS SDK. Chrome OS Repository: Chrome OS System Images: 3. Wait for the system images to be downloaded and for the installation to be done. 4. Make a virtual Pixelbook through the AVD Manager. 5. Sign in to Google account to run Android apps on the emulator. For a maximum performance, you may increase the RAM to the virtual machine up to 2GB. It will make sure that your hardware's virtualization is supported.

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