Google Reveals Linux App Will Soon Be Supported By Chrome OS

Many developers prefer to utilize Chrome OS machines in their work. However, undeniably, it requires a great amount of effort to make Linux apps run on the said machines. A developer has to boot Linux on their device to be able to do so or utilize Crouton or another app. Have you ever imagined of Linux app being supported by Chrome OS? That imagination will soon come to reality. Google recently

Google Adds Chrome OS Emulator to Android Studio

Undeniably, the number of sales of Chromebooks now is really increasing as lots and lots of people from different fields are buying and using it. From students to developers and other professionals, the Chromebook is a great choice. Recently, Google made another move that is surely a good news to people who are using and planning to get a Chromebook. Based on William Judd's article on Developer

The Complete Ethical Hacking Course: Beginner to Advanced Course Review

Are you looking for a course that could give you knowledge in hacking so that you can protect your network from hackers? Even though you just have a little knowledge in terms of manipulating the products of the technological advancements, still, you can be someone who knows the aspects related to hacking and how to prevent it with the course The Complete Ethical Hacking Course: Beginner to

Linux On Making Computer Use A Lot Easier

Computer usage is like counting 1,2,3 for some while for others it's a whole new thing to be learned. Most especially to those who were not used to it, it's going to be a crack on the nutshell that a friendly operating system would really be a big help. Linux has recently been reported as a system that provides freedom, security, and easy access. Way back in 1991, mixed-up with the GNU software of

How to Clear Inactive Memory in Linux

This simple tip is based on my experience on how to tweak MySQL Server for best performance. Just this year, has moved again to a new server to served millions of page views every month. Since our new server is unmanaged, I am having a hard time sometimes configuring our new server, especially when tweaking Nginx, PHP-FPM and MySQL. By default, MySQL will give you a sample

Open Source Dangerous Game Attacks

Open source is one of the most innovative endeavors every programmers and developers have to feel good about for the past few years. It is amazing that people will work on projects for the love of it. The open source community have work together hand in hand for a common good of every individuals. It is even more amazing when big companies involved with the open source projects. The idea is that