Meet Masako Wakamiya, The World's Oldest App Developer

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Programming appears to be a thing of the younger generation. Most of those who are in this field are males between the ages of 16 to 45 years old. Coding is believed to be too complex for the very young ones and those who should already be enjoying their retirement. Meanwhile, there are people who have proven that age, actually, does not matter. One of them is Masako Wakamiya.

Based on Ayush's article on Technotification, Masako Wakamiya is the olden app developer in the world. This 82-year-old woman is one of the oldest app developers for iPhone as well and she is focusing on coming up with applications that are for the people enjoying their old age. She was already over 80 years old when she started to learn how to code. Though it took her months before she was able to come up with her own system, she did not step back from the field.

Wakamiya noticed that iPhone stores fail to develop apps and games that are suited for the people who are in their old age. She expressed suggestions to giant companies to do so but none was able to realize it. She started doing it and one of her works is the free iOS game Hinadan.

Based on the article, Hinadan targets the elderly Japanese people. It is inspired by the doll festival Hina Matsuri. This game asks players to place dolls in the correct order. It has garnered a good rating in the app store with close to five stars and more than 50, 000 downloads.

Despite her age, Masako Wakamiya is still into coming up with applications that can give entertainment to people who are in their old age. She undeniably proved that age does not matter and anything is achievable as long as one is determined to reach it.

"Most old people have abandoned the idea of learning, but the fact that some are starting [again] is not only good for them but for the country’s economy,” the world's oldest app developer said.

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