Telephone Directory Database Version 1.0

Hi there everyone this is my first time to write a code in C that is database driven I called it Telephone Directory Database Version 1.0. Im using a text file named Data.txt were I store all the information when the user enter the name,address and telephone numbers. The code uses data structure in C like structure to facilitate record keeping routines and file input and output libraries of C

Persons Name Sorting Version 1.0

About this code it is similar to the code I wrote in C/C++ but I converted into Java. One of the strength of Java is that it has intensive library that facilitates string and sorting routines that cannot be found in other programming languages. I intended this code for those who is interested in Java programming in particular. If you find this code very useful send me an email at jakerpomperada

Names Sorter Version 1.0

About this code I called it Name Sorter Version 1.0 written in C/C++ using Turbo C 2.0 as my developmental tool. The program does it will ask the user how many names to be sorted after that it will accept names from the user. Then it will sort the names in alphabetical order. This code is good to anyone who wish to learn sorting using strings in C/C++. If you like this code you can send me an

Read the FAQ before asking question

Are you wondering why some of your questions are not answered? This is because it is a common question that most visitors are asking. Before you ask question be sure to read the FAQ. It contains only a few common questions but will save you time in waiting for my answer. Sometimes I do not answer question especially if it is found under the FAQ. So, better read it first.

Words, Vowels and Consonants Counter Version 1.0

About this code I called this program Words, Vowels and Consonants Counter Version 1.0. There are many codes somewhat similar to this over the Internet that I see but it seems their is a lack in terms of functionality it can count the consonants. So I have decided to make my own code to solve this program here is it. I intended my code for those people who wish to improve there programming skills

Diamond Image Version 1.0

Hi there about this code I called it Diamond Image Version 1.0. It is a simple program that I wrote in Java to display a diamond image in different angle. It only use for loop statement to achieve the desired output. If you find this code useful send me an email at [email protected]. People here in the Philippines who wish to contact me can reach me at my mobile phone number 09296768375