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Ballageru System is a nice billing system to solve problems related to Billing . I hope you will find it very helpful and finish it

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Hi there,

could you please send or put the exact code of the programming because it not working. Thanks,


hi can u send me as English format code to my
mail id. [email protected]

when i execute this project culture change. can u send me as English format my emaild :[email protected]

ple.. send database sqlscript . [email protected]

Hey dude, I'm not able to open up your project!!!!! I'm using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005!!!! Can you please help me out????

Thanks in advance!

EmailID: [email protected]

Got the Answer from Visual studio 2008

A Road Map to the Future Need !!

Hello dude!!!! Im nt able to open up the project u have uploaded!!!! I'm using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005!!!! Can u help me out please????
EmailID: [email protected]

Alex good to see this application done with Amharic but I couldn't open the solution. I am using vs 2008.

E-mail me the Problem with [email protected]

A Road Map to the Future Need !!

hello dude
i had try to compile ur project there is alot of bugs in design CAN YOU check it agian !?

&.. Ur language is to hard can u make it in english ... even google cant translate :P


Google until U find it lol !!

A Road Map to the Future Need !!

hey guys plz help me and make me or send me the codes of an employees worker system in MS access please i need as soon as possible email me at [email protected] thanx so much

Hello there I have this project!! confiirm me to send you the Project !!

yes i have this projects
call me on 9920049934
send mail me on [email protected]
visit my website

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