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This code is made by me with the help of google.com and Sir Jomar Pabuaya our php instructor. In this code you can learn on how to make facebook like application. Such as on how to create facebook like live search, wall post, delete wall post, add friend and other that can be found in this application.

Note: Due to the size or complexity of this submission, the author has submitted it as a .zip file to shorten your download time. After downloading it, you will need a program like Winzip to decompress it.

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2. NEVER, EVER run compiled files (.exe's, .ocx's, .dll's etc.)--only run source code.


its help me a lot.. tnx

wow.. sagad..

this is really nice.... config.php are not use.... well this is nice written in php... tnx sir argie..

how to login bookface..? and whether it should make the first email in yahoo ..?


its a gud application. Can I edit it and create a simple social network for example with in a University Premises?

yes you can edit this code, and thank u for your nice comment

this is or novice...

Can you make a simple detail on how to run your program?

hardcode? or did u use dreamweaver?

yes, hard code hehehe:)

can u please teach me.... lol it is really nice.,... i want to run your program,but I dont know how.... tnx.....

sure just add me in facebook ARGIE POLICARPIO name ko hehehehhe,

Nice code.

Nice coding

tnx for ur positive comment

yes you can download and edit my code, the database name of this program is "facebook"


How do I View the webpage?

step1: download WAMP
step2: install WAMP on your pc
step3: download this code extrac this code copy and paste this code to c:wamp/www
step4: create your database and name it "facebook" then click enter and select import file and browse the database found also in the folder inside the zipfile. then click go button found in the bottom right corner of the page.
step5:click the WAMP logo ang select the localhost
step6: congrats you've successfully run this application, thanks

Thank you for the great script. I know this script is a little old, but could you do a write up on how to get this thing online so others can view/test?

Nice one and this is very usefull for the Social project....

This is too much../..


you're welcome feel free to ask me if you have a question to my work

I'm using Xampp as my local server but apparently the SQL txt file cannot be imported by PHP MyAdmin. Could you help me to solve this problem?


In this system i used WampServer2.0c try to use this version of Wampserver in order to run my facebook alike code

how can i solve this problem? im new to PHP. i already changed the password, in the config file.
now i have this error, i also created the Database, i named it as what you stated. i just put a password coz my database has its password. i use mysql server 5.1. can you help me this part? thanks. best regards.

i find all connections that im looking for, the application is great but it need much more revisions i think.

hi chrome09, can i ask a copy of your revision of this script? please help.. i badly need it for final project this week.. just for school purposes.. i downloaded the script and im a little bit jumbled up..

please man. thank you in advance.. :D hoping to get a positive response from you..

[email protected]


"there is no wrong in trying new things in life.."

thanks for your comment mr. chrome09

Its cool

Nice Codes po.Salamat ng madame.. :))

seems the download link was broken. I tried to download the code but "the page cannot be displayed". can I ask for another link or another way to download this code. thanks.

Good Day Argie,

I have downloaded your facebook alike file.. and it's good, i have tried it and it's working though.
it has some issues over the files, like the css, php, aligning, and other stuffs that i think it's not necessary.. but then you are a good coder, thumbs up for that!

May i ask something from you, Can you update the whole system Argie and send me just the necessary file to run the system in:

log in system
adding friends
commenting system
sending message
upload photos
search a friend

that's all Argie.. thanks! :D
hope you will update it for the world is waiting. .

email: [email protected]

"there is no wrong in trying new things in life.."

good day kenneth,

i'm argie the developer of facebook alike code, for now i can't update this code because i am doing my thesis project.
But i promise to update this code if i have my free time. hehehehehehehe tnx for ur positive comment.


"there is no wrong in trying new things in life.."

Really a nice one +1.........

This is a good work. I love it because it worked just fine though I had to make some modifications

Thanks to all your positive comments......
i am now on process in uploading my new system in titled Online Hotel Reservation System hope you also like the system.....
once again thank you for the visitor and those who give comments on my facebook alike code :-)

Try also this code it might help you
Online Hotel Reservation System


your work on facebook alike proj is nice...
i have a little prob in importing the database (facebook.sql) file
could you pls help me
the server says no database selected 1406

Good day Archie.. I hope that you will understand.. can you send me the updated facebook alike code.. I just need it to study more especially the CHAT process thank you..!

if anyone knows it.. please help me..

I know God will bless your life

[email protected]


hi i m pavan student of mca and.
i see ur project its so gud bt in my laptop 1 problem is occure
ur database file facebook.sql is currept
so u plz send database file for this facebook site..

my id :- [email protected]

Just re-down.

argie, YOU R Just Impressive..

thank you for your comment, good day

i have imported the mysql database but while signup i am getting a message password missing and password doesn not match, even though i hv filled both the password fields correctly

can any one tell me wats the problem

In the index.php file just change password2 to password in the form.

I modified everywhere the db conect 200 time,but this i can't find,now i can login and registracion

hello,what if i want online tutorial on php and vb.net training online or do you have samples of vb.net,c++ and C# of ATM source code i have a project in school that i want to run.preferably C++ and C# ATM source code


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