Control Remote Computer

How to use the program: The program has 2 files to run a client/server. The server resides on the victim's computer and the client connects to the server program. You do not have to worry about running the server program as it will not do anything unless it receives command from the client program. Once the server ready to accept connection it will listen on the port 40131. To connect to the

Digits To Words Translator Version 1.0

In this code I will show you how to convert digits into their words equivalent for example you type 123 it will translate in one two three. However this code is limited only to maximum of 4 digits. The development tool that I use in this application is Turbo C++ 3.0 for DOS from Borland International. If you find my code useful send me an email at [email protected]. People here in the

Prime Number Determiner Version 1.0

Hi there this is my C langauge version of my prime number determiner version 1.0. I rewrote my original code from Java to C my personal intention is to learn to transfer one code to another language in this case in C. Personal I learn C firt prior to Java this two language is almost identical by nature. I intended this code for beginning programmer that are new in using C as there development

Merge Sort Version 1.0

About the code it is called merge sort program written in Java. Merge sort is another sorting algorithm the is widely used in arranging numbers and strings. It was developed by Dr. John Von Neumann in 1945. I intended this code for beginners who are new in sorting algorithm construction and uses it in a practical manner. If you find this code useful send me an email at [email protected]

Insertion Sort Version 1.0

About this code I called this one insertion sort it is another sorting algorithm in computer science that is widely used to sort numbers and strings. I created this program to give insights on how to use and how it works. I hope this will help somebody who wish to learn sorting algorithms using Java as their tool in software development. If you like this code and find it useful send me an email at