Daily Time Record System

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- A computerize Daily Time Record System
- A Daily Time-in & Time-out of Employee
- Generate daily,weekly, and monthly report

to all programmer of this site thank you,,
also thanks TOXIOD's..

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Hi, i really really like your work. This will help me so much in my thesis. I hope you can send me your full source code if still have it. I will appreciate alot if u able to send to me at [email protected]. Million thanks

GOOD DAY po sir...pwedi pahingi nang full source code for daily time record need ko po sa project ko sir..ADVANCE THANK [email protected]

Goodday Sir! Meron po ba kayong source code for DTR lang mismo using c#?

anung codes po ng Time In and Time out using Visual Basic then database access po...please me po...need ko tommorow..thank you po..

hi sir can you send me the full code of this system so that i have a reference in making my project
send me in my email [email protected]


sir pwedi po bang mang hingi nang sample code sa DTR ..

Good Day Sir pwede po ba magpaturo sa inyo paano ba magprogram ng DTR using vb6 for Thesis purposes lang po please ? thanks in advance po :)
penge narin po ng codes kung pwede ..09064265010

Good Day Sir.. Can i ask you? can you tell me on how to make a DTR per hour Time in and Time Out ..I have A big trouble with that..
can I have your full code in DTR as my reference on how to make it.
[email protected]

sir pwede po kaya akong makahingi ng codes for thesis purposes lang po :)

salamat po at godbless 09105567365
[email protected]

Sir can i ask for the codes? i would like to use it as reference for the school project am doing
you could send it to [email protected]... thanks in advance

sir can i ask your code in DTR cause we need this in our thesis for our special project.. cause this month we will have our title defense about our system the system we choose is DTR so we need some documentation and code for thgis.. Can you sir? From the school of SOUTHERN ILOILO POLYTHECHNIOC COLLEGE WESTERN VISAYAS COLLEGE of SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY MIAGAO CAMPUS , MIAGAO ILOILO SIPC-WVCST) taking BACHELOR OF SCIENCE AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY.. SIr i need your help.. Im hoping sir.. Thanks in advance sir.. just contact me in my email [email protected] ...

sir anu po ba yung codes ng biometric flashdrive para sa vb? hindi po kasi namin alam eh.....

sir pwede po ba gawa kayo ng ganyan ulit gamit ang adodc

pwede bo ba to ma run sa vb8?

Good day sir joeland togonon I am very thankful for your effort and humble way of providing a sample of your program the DTR System. Its been 3 months now that i search for a freeware program such DTR System to be use to our office (DepEd) here in Mati City. I am not a programmer by profession but was task to look for a freeware or demo dtr program to help solve the problem of dtr corruption. So if you please lend us a hand (help) by providing us the functional dtr system or full source code and be the solution of our problem. I am very grateful if you wish to help us please email me at [email protected] looking forward to your response thanks and God Bless... continue doing the best....

pwedi manghengi ng code ng DTR using GUI .. plz ..final project po kasi namin ..

eto po email ko .. [email protected] ..salamat po ng marami

Good Day Sir...parang my kulang po...sa Report yung sa Summary po bat po hindi ma.trace yung "Call PrintSummary" ? sorry po pero need ko kasi ehh hehehe

hello po sir bka nman po pde ninyo ako help sa project ko pwede nyo po ba isend sa email ko ung codes ng program na ito thankyou po sir god bless and more power. ito po email ko [email protected]

sir paano po mkita ung mga codes ?

sir can you send me the codes? please i beg you help me please i really need your code your my only hope please help!!!!!!!!!!!send it to my email [email protected] please sir christmas is comming please send me the codes! thank you so much more power!!!!

sir, Gud pm paemail nman ng codes nito..pls! [email protected]

sir please send po nito sakin nid ko po kac.. [email protected] poh e.ad ko tnx po.. and please po engo po ko code.

sir can you give me the code how to calculate the total time recorded in dtr????pls..

sir, can I have the code for this program.


Can you help me how to filter report using the DATE.

i need more information about this site

the dtr is not running... its keep saying that 'Component 'COMDLG32.OCX' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid. do you know whats the problem? i download it correctly and didn't change anything.

download COMDLG32 somwhere over the web and paste it to system32 directory... run CMD as Administrator and type regsvr32 COMDLG32.ocx... and ur done


Please can i have the full source code of this project sir. . please . . please help me. . [email protected]

my idea kba kng how i lock yung system clock..same kc tau ng prog.. pro ung akin using a scanner sa pag clock in / out..tnx

Good day sir,I only have vb6.0,what applications did you use po to come up with your system?we'll gonna use your system as our guide in making our own attendance monitoring system..my mga need po ba kami na idownload?I hope you can help me in time..thank you^^ Godbless.

hi,i only have vb6.0 what else do I need for our program to run
gagawin kasi naming guide ito..
maganda yung pagkagawa..
i hope you can help me on time,thanks Godbless.

..sir can u give us a sample program using vb.net kasama ung codes

how to run this program? new lang ako sa programming

gud day sir...bagohan lng po me gusto ko matuto program..ask lng sna me kung san kuha installer vb6.maraming salamat po.tc

sir me documentation kaba nyan?//// yan sana gawin ko para sa thesis ko pasend naman sa [email protected]..


gumagawa din po aqu DTR system,panu gumawa ng program that can read the date and the time-in/out of employees,and database wherein makikita mu ung mga members and time records.and you have to click on time-in/out buttons to capture the time and shows the time clock in the form and the calendar.

Sir can you send me some example of system..any system.....
heres my email add: [email protected]

hi sir can you shared other programs for using VB for my thesis TY.

bakit hindi magrun?

sir full code na po ba to?

oo full source code na yan..download mo na lng at pag-aralan...ty

IT Administrator
[email protected]

sir im jeffrey, I.T. student. sir can you help us in our problem? i just want to ask po if what are the codes for biometric flash drive using vb.. pls e-mail us at my facebook account: [email protected].. t.y. ^_^

HI SIR MY BAGO K naman ah gaw mo po ba yan? tinaggal muna po b sir dito ung sms sending ,recieving,and broadcasting? ung balak ko po e thesis namin..

hindi..sa next page,,tingnan mo na lang..

IT Administrator
[email protected]

ur welcome....godbless

IT Administrator
[email protected]

Sir please email nio po sakin ung full code nang dtr system please. . thanks so much sir hope na ma email nio poh [email protected], [email protected]

good job..thanks for the program that you shared.your my key to solve my problem..godless and take care

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