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Simple Video Rental System which you can rent and returned items.
Before graduation i made this system for my classmate girlfriend.
Hope it helps you a lot....Enjoy!!!

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please send me video rental system by java code

cn u give me a code about dvd rental system?tnx.

sir vb 6.0 po ba to??

In my program, it contains an file made by a previous version of Microsoft
Access software. Now, I installed Access 2000 and changed that file to Access
2000 file. Then I found out a question. The visual basic program shows that
it can't recongnize that database format. So, what can I do to correct such

l have created three form ,one form is about,sec form is admin login and video information.
My question,who do u link one form to another?can u assist with a code to link another form
Many thank

Hi scope,how are u,l have tried to run this code but it doesnt work.And l cant find the source code,kindly assist me with this code and password .or email to me [email protected]
Many thanx indvance

idol pwd makahingi ng Scope, Delimitation and limitation nitong system. gagamitin ko po kasi kea nid ko i propose tnx a lot kung mkakapg bigay ka..

...xensya na ha,,,tagal na kasi nitong system na to...nasa classmate q ang docu. nito...wla sa akin.

thank you so much. i have been looking for a free program for video rental system. i found yours. this really is a big help for me. than you

Hi, the software looking fine.Can u give the SRS,and details documentation of this software.

Does this system have some kind of documentation, maybe docs or pdfs, really need to have a closer look at them. Thanks nuff. [email protected], [email protected].

is it 100% running?


Overall,,the system is good...nice one..

Thank you...

Talaga tol..cnsya na..sinadya q tlaga yan..

mas maganda pa ata yung sakin dayn eh. sa totoo lang

please help me i need cd rent using java..for my finals..even though simple system..please help me..i begging you..

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