Hotel Reservation System in MS Access

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This System is created based on the Hotel Reservation System of Mr. Jomar Pabuaya a.k.a Admin here in Sourcecodester... by the way... I uploaded there the application with the undone source code, its because you are demanding it to upload the code and eager to see the source code..then you can download it now...and its also due to the request of the ADMIN itself... and if you want to improve it feel free to improve... just upload here your own version and style for this system and don't forget to give credits to the one who originally created and conceptualized this HRS..
Thanks again..
I'll upload later the updated complete and finished program.. Just PLEASE be patient...

A Big thanks to Mr. Jomar Pabuaya and to his programmer friends

Hotel Reservation System in MS Access ver. 1.0.3 (updated April 18, 2011)

System features:
* using ADODB in connection....
* Listview with icons...
*Main Form with a child form
* codes are closely similar to VB6
* can Add, Modify and Delete record from Listview...

style="display:block; text-align:center;"

* some of the application forms has no functions and procedures and unable to save to recordset.

Just wait for the next update.... HRS ver. 1.0.4

Philip Cesar B. Garay
Mindanao State University at Naawan
Naawan, Misamis Oriental
9023 Philippines

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your welcome.... dont worry i will upload it soon when i already finished some minor errors... just be patient...

Philip Cesar B. Garay BSIT
Mindanao State University at Naawan

[email protected]

Dear Mr. Philip Cesar
When do you summit the full source code of Hotel Reservation system using Microsoft Access? Thank you for all your programs and source code!

Can someone give me the password for Hrs?

If you want to share ur program... plz include ur code... wag ka maramot sa ung prog... ahehehe

If you are eager to learn programming, study every piece of code that you find here. Don’t forget to ask question if you find it difficult to understand. Just be patient though as you are not paying to answer your question. Be polite and use your initiative when asking a question.

You are very lucky if somebody will send you a complete source code. Plus being a demanding person who’d like to ask somebody to email you.
This message is not meant to discourage you, but rather teaching you on how to be polite on the internet.

Philip Cesar B. Garay BSIT
Mindanao State University at Naawan

[email protected]

Good Day! pwede bang ma share mo ang source code nito bossing?


heheh... thatz a good warning

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are you a programmer or not?

Would you give me a password plz.. to bbrgaek[at]
Thanks b4


Hi there I have been looking into the hotel system i would like to work on it but i get so many errors in Access 2010 that i wonder if you ever finished a new version, or should i try access 2007 ?

Kind regards

while opening your program i m getting control referce error messge


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