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Visual Basic .NET Source Code

Free Visual Basic .NET Source Code. Download 10 latest Visual Basic .NET system's projects with source code for free here.

How to Solve Currency (Peso Sign) Problem in

In this tutorial you will learn on how to change the currency which is the common problem of a programmer. If you are encountering currency problem. Try this tutorial. Step 1 Open Control Panel Step 2 Select "Chage display language Step 3 Go to formats Step 4 Select additional settings Step 5 Step 6 View Drop down menu Step 7 Go to Microsoft Word Step 8 Copy paste the peso sign in Currency symbol

Billing System Using VB.Net and MS Access Database

This Water billing system is an automated system that aims to minimize the process in paying the water bills. It is also designed to accommodate the complex water requirements and day to day work. It’s an easy to use system and the functions can be easily learned. This system allows the user to access customer’s information. This can also create invoice and manage the payments. To know more about the system, see the following features below.

Sequence and Series Calculator

This VB .Net program requests only inputs from the user. The system can be use to solve both geometric and arithmetic progression. For arithmetic progression, the system can find the term of arithmetic progression and the sum of arithmetic progression. For geometric progression, the system can find the term of geometric progression and the sum of geometric progression.

Create a Chart and Export Data from the DataGridView into Excel

This code sample will randomly generate the data set, then put into the DataGridView. The data from the Grid table is generated in the Chart. There are three types: Column, Line, and Point. I used the @Run Time method to create Legends and Series. In addition, I gave the code to send data to Excel (Line-By-Line) as well. Visual Basic .NET (2010) + MS Excel 2010 Thank You. I hope this sample

Enrollment and Billing System

The main purpose of this enrollment and billing system is to provide efficiency and accurate enrollment records that can help school staff and faculty save time and effort during the process. This system is very important that can be use by the lower levels of education only. It is very easy to use that a student can quickly enrolled during enrollment process. And this system ensured that their

New Print-maker Cyber Cafe

New Printmaker Cyber Cafe ------------------------- Before you run this project, please set the following date format “dd/MM/yyyy” to your computer. Introduction: -------------- The purpose of developing this software project is to fully automate time duration counting. Goals: --------- *Managing Information of Customer *Counting the time duration *Result Processing *Advance Record searching and

Salary Management System

Introduction: ----------------- *This project is based on accounts concept. *Salary Management System is a DataBase system which can be used for managing employee Salary Details. *It is a multi-user system and can be used by hundreds of user at the same time. *Generally speaking, it is platform available for running on a local area network(LAN). Goals: --------- *Managing Information on Employees

Point of Sale (POS) System in VB.Net and MySQL Database

This Point of Sale (POS) system can be used in any small businesses. The Point of Sale (POS) project with free source code in VB.NET will help you start in making an office application that can help your business. This has the capabilities of making your business grow and easier to run. This system is very essential, it process sales and accept payments that help a lot the staff in managing

Bakeshop Inventory System in VB.Net and MS Access Database

Bakeshop Inventory System is a software based system especially designed for a Bakeshop business and for the inventory process. This system will be able to track the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly inventory of products. In this way, the staff can determine the stock in and outs of their products like the cakes, pastries and breads. This system can also generate printed reports of the inventory