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SQL SUM() Function


The SUM function is an aggregate function use to calculate the total amount of a column. SUM function can be use only in numeric column.


SELECT SUM(column_name) FROM Table

Consider the following table for this exercise


Firstname Lastname Salary DeptID
John Smith 1000 1
Mathew Simon 3000 1
Bill Steve 2200 1
Amanda Rogers 1800 2
Steve Hills 2800 2
Steve jobs 2400 2
bill cosby 700 3

Example # 1

SELECT SUM(Monthly_Salary) AS TotalSalary FROM Users

Result of the Query


You can also add other field and using the GROUP BY Clause.

Example # 2

SELECT DeptID, Sum(Users.Salary) AS TotalSalary FROM Users GROUP BY DeptID

Result of the Query

DeptID TotalSalary
1 6200
2 7000
3 700

As you can see the Salary is summed up by DeptID.

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