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SQL AVG() Function


The AVG function calculates the average of a specified column. It works only on a numeric column. It first sums up all data and then divides it by the total number of rows.For example if the sum of 5 items is 10 then average is 10/5 = 2.

SQL AVG() Syntax

SELECT AVG(column_name) FROM Table

Consider the following table for this exercise


Firstname Lastname Salary deptnumber
John Smith 1000 1
Mathew Simon 3000 1
Bill Steve 2200 1
Amanda Rogers 1800 2
Steve Hills 2800 2
Steve jobs 2400 2
bill cosby 700 3

Example # 1

SELECT AVG(Monthly_Salary) AS AverageSalary FROM Users

Result of the Query


Here all the salaries of all users are summed up to a total value of 13,900 and divided by the total number of users (i.e. 7). So the average is calculated as 13,900/7 = 1,985.72

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