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SQL intro

SQL is an acronym for Structure Query Language, it is a language which helps program to communicate with the databases, regardless of the type of the database, the SQL syntax is almost the same except for extended commands which certain DBMS support or do not support or simply have its own versions or dialects. Now what does DBMS mean, DBMS stands for database Management System which receives the query and then returns the appropriate set of result for that query. Unlike other computing languages, SQL syntax is quite easy to understand. SQL is responsible for inserting, updating, reading, and deleting of data. SQL also provides you other features beside inserting, updating or deleting of data, like creating views, tables, stored procedures, and setting read/write permissions on tables for some users. SQL in short is an interface or a channel with which a program can communicate with the database, i.e. your website written in any server side language like PHP, ASP, JSP or other desktop applications written in java, c/c++ and other platforms can access data from the database by using the SQL queries, which are always the same no matter whatever language is used to develop the front end of the software/website.


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copy paste from the internet in your job be true to yourself admin.
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May I know where can you find the original article of this post? If you can find it let me know so that I can kill the author of this article. :P Crab mentality. Idiot!

admin copy paste daw oh.. sapakin mo nga haha lol introduce mo din TSQL at stored procs admin para astig :) nga pala sir.. mas ok seperate mo link ng microsoft access.. pag sama samahin mo category ng databases(Access,Mysql,sqlserver,oracle) para post kami tutorial :) tnx,,,gudnyt!
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Oo nga eh. Naka pasa naman yung article sa Mga taong may crab mentality lg ang mga yan. Thanks for the suggestion pala. I will make another category for those DBMS.

hehe yaan mona sir.. wag nalang pakialaman mga yan.. nga pala sir can i contact u personally? para naman if u have outsource.. pa share :) ps sir. pwede ba dito sa site notification thru sms? para ung mga comments dito send na sa mobile natin? :)

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