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Visual Basic .NET Tutorial

How to Resize an Image in the ToolStrip Menu Using VB.Net

Today I will teach you how to resize an image in the ToolStrip menu using This simple method will help you make your navigation looks better. Just follow the simple steps below to find it out. Open Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 and create a new project. Go to toolbox and drag ToolStip inside the form. Go to the properties and select ImageScalingSize. Change the width and the height 50,50

How to Retrieve an Image in MySQL Database Using VB.Net

This tutorial is the continuation of my last tutorial which is How to Save Image In MySQL Database Using VB.Net. This time I’m going to teach you how to Retrieve Image in MySQL Database Using VB.Net. In this method, it will retrieve the image or file from the MySQL database into the picturebox.. Lets begin: Open the Project that you have created in the previous tutorial then add the button in the

How to Save an Image in MySQL Database Using VB.Net

In my tutorial, this time I will teach you how to save an Image in the MySQL Database using VB.Net. This method will help you store the image itself into the MySQL Database. This is a secure way of saving your image so that it will not be deleted once a virus affects your system. This can also reduce the size of the file of your system. Lets get started: First, create a database and named it "test

Retrieving Data in MySQL Database Using DataReader in VB.Net

Today you will learn on how to retrieve data in MySQL Database using DataReader in This method provides an effective way to retrieve data from the database. It is efficient to use this kind of method because you can design the datagridview column according to your desire. Let’s get started: Create a database and name it, “peopledb” CREATE DATABASE peopledb; After creating database, add a

How to Add a Function in My.Settings in VB.Net

In this tutorial you will learn how to add a function in the My.Settings in VB.Net. This kind of method will give you an access to the application’s settings and it will enable you to store and retrieve property settings and any data that is needed in your application. Hope that you will find this tutorial useful and informative. Please follow the steps below; these are only simple and very easy

How to Add Form Inside a Form in VB.Net

This time in my tutorial I’m going to teach you how to add Form inside a Form in Adding a form inside the form is very useful to all the programmers that is developing a windows application or a software. Form is a very important element because it helps hold the object like textbox, button, label and etc. In this way, even a form can also be added in a Form. This kind of function is

How to Add SAP Crystal Report in Visual Studio 2015

In this tutorial, I will show you how to add SAP Crystal Reports in Microsoft Visual Studio 2015. When installing Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 it does not include a SAP Crystal Reports because it is not installed as a third party application. This means that you have to install it by yourself. Don't worry it's very easy, even a beginner can follow this simple step that I'm going to show you below

Send Email

In this example, let us create a simple application that would send an e-mail. Take the following steps: Add three labels, three text boxes and a button control in the form. Change the text properties of the labels to - 'From', 'To:' and 'Message:' respectively. Change the name properties of the texts to txtFrom, txtTo and txtMessage respectively. Change the text property of the button control to

Visual Basic Text Editor

In this tutorial we will create a simple Text Editor using Visual Basic. This application that we create can perform a functions such as creating new documents by writing in the text field, modifying, deleting, searching, saving clear texts and finding texts within the text editor. It has a menu options that can import file, save, save as, and a exit button. Sample Code Import File - This code is

Graphics Image Editor

Hello guys I will show you how to create a graphics image editor in Visual Basic.Net. This code is a image editor that can apply some effects like, zoom, sharpen, smooth, rotate, etc. All this using the .NET classes can operate pixel by pixel. The code shows also how to use clipboard class and open/save dialog and environments. Sample Code For the MDI Form Script Begin VB.MDIForm MDIForm1