Automated Student Attendance Monitoring and Grading System with Source Code

This system is the fastest way to submit grades and other student requirements for teacher compliance and for CHED’s monitoring. The system also created using Visual Basic 2008 and Microsoft Access for database support. The system stores a class schedule where the instructor/teacher list their students. This system stores also the activity of the class per term and system also requires the scores

Attendance Management System VB.Net and SQL Server

Attendance System in VB.Net and SQL Server Project Title: Attendance Monitoring System Language: VB*Net Database: SQL Server About Project: Attendance and Monitoring System project is developed using Visual Basic.Net and SQL Server Database. This project contains an Employee’s login side where an employee can Sign in for Time In and Time Out and Admin Panel where he/she can view the monthly

Subject Evaluation System using Visual Studio 2019 (VB.NET and MySQL Database) With Source Code

Subject Evaluation System project is developed using Visual Studio 2019 with VB.NET as the programming language and MySQL as the database used. The process of subject evaluation involves the Dean as the admin, Faculty, and Student. The Dean is in charge to evaluate, credit a subject and offered a subject. The Dean is to be provided with the grades of the student and the subject to be taken. The

How to Add SAP Crystal Report in Visual Studio 2015

In this tutorial, I will show you how to add SAP Crystal Reports in Microsoft Visual Studio 2015. When installing Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 it does not include a SAP Crystal Reports because it is not installed as a third party application. This means that you have to install it by yourself. Don't worry it's very easy, even a beginner can follow this simple step that I'm going to show you below.

Student's Individual Inventory Record System with SMS Notification

This Student’s Individual Inventory Record System with SMS Notification for schools and colleges provides complete information of every enrolled student. In this way the system can easily check or track the student’s information . Then, it also provides record to see how many times the student has been called in the Guidance Office because of the offenses he/she made and then it will notify their

Library Monitoring System Using RFID

Instead of a library card, this system uses RFID in timing in and out and also for borrowing books in the library. Before the system with RFID, the system with a library card, librarian or student assistant, and students they manual input their time in and out, name, book name, and signature. With RFID system, they just tap the RFID then it will time in or out and saved so having RFID is better

Expression Parser and Evaluator

Jonathan Wood Of BlackBelt Coder wrote an expression parser / evaluator in C#. It is available on his website to download for free. I found the expression parser / evaluator interesting, because it is a very good example of advanced programming, so I decided to convert the source code to Visual Basic.Net, in order to learn more about programming in that language.

Heart Monitoring System Connected with Arduino Using Serial

This is the project I help group of student develop and I believe communication with arduino using is useful for public. This is a software that has a receiver and sender, the sender is a device which measure the heart rate and send it through nrfl24lo to the receiver arduino which is connected to the system, the software has the following feature: Can Plot graph of the receiver heart rate