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Record Keeping System

A simple record keeping system initially for a bakery shop but can also be used to other types of business or for personal use in regards with cash ins (income) and cash outs (expenses). Created in Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Database: Microsoft Access Currently the system has no user, so it will ask you to register an account. The database has some sample entries for cash ins and cash out

Weather Monitoring Station with Flood Monitoring System

Microcontroller-Based Weather Monitoring Station with Flood Monitoring System was my thesis in the degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering. This device made our group awarded as Best Thesis of the Year. The server station was programmed using Mikro-C and the remote station was programmed through Visual Basic.NET and MySQL as backend. I shared this code so that we can actually

LifeBank Lending System

The LifeBank Lending system was developed using a Visual basic 2008 and Microsoft access 2007 for database support. This system is able to accommodate the new borrower and stored their Information, Income Assessment and Requirements as well as their loan Information. The system also has the feature for approval and releasing of loan request. The system can record and accept payment from a specific

KCC Teacher’s Behavior Inventory System

The TBI system was developed using an Visual basic 2008 and Microsoft access 2007 for database support. the system was designed to accommodate the changing and new requirements as the system evolved. Key features including the development of evaluation forms and analysis of the submitted forms for report statistics are successfully implemented. Functionalities of TBI system are designed and
KCC SSAO E-voting System joken Wed, 04/02/2014 - 15:45
This system is created using Visual Basic 2008 and Microsoft Access 2007 is used for Database support and crystal Report is the tool used for reporting. In this system, it introduces a computerized registration form for each voter through which voter details, including name, course, year level, etc. can be entered. From these details an algorithm will generate a unique id. This registration system

Book record Navigation Using Visual Basic.Net

In this tutorial, I'm going to teach you how to create a Book Navigation using Visual basic and Microsoft Access for database. This tutorial will help both novice, or an enthusiast programmer to understand the concept of how to add a record navigation in any system especially when you are planning to create or developing a library system. To start on lesson, open visual basic and add save it as “Record Navigation”. Then we’re going to add controls such four labels, four Text box and four Buttons.