Stock Monitoring

Pharmacy Point of Sale System using PHP and SQLite Free Source Code

Introduction This is a PHP Project entitled Pharmacy's Point of Sale System. This project is a web-based application that helps a certain pharmacy to manage its sales transaction. The project will help the said business to process their day-to-day transactions with their customers. This will also help them to monitor the accurate available stock of the drugs they are selling. I developed this

Personnel Property Equipment System using PHP with Source Code

Hi every one, I developed this system known as Personnel Property Equipment System (PPES). This system manages the items/equipment/devices of a certain company. This system can track the items in which department and whose employee is using the item. Also, the items also have status information which helps the management to identify if it is new, available to reuse, and in-use. The admin user can

Simple POS and Inventory Management System in PHP with Source Code

This is a Simple POS and Inventory System using PHP/PDO. This project can help a certain shop or store manage its sales transactions and inventory monitoring. The system has 2 types of user which is the Admin and the Cashier. The Admin is in charge to populate the important data into the database such as the product list. The admin user has access to all features and functionalities of this system

Inventory with Payroll System in VB.Net and MySQL Database with Source Code

The Inventory with Payroll System is an automated system that provides great advantages to businesses or companies because this system will easily calculate employees’ salaries and other deductions quickly. This system has also the ability to deliver accurate inventory and can create payroll calculations within a few minutes and at the same time can generate a payslip. This is way better than a