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Creating An Audit Trail/Logs in a Web App using PHP/OOP and Ajax Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will tackle about how to create an Audit Trail/Audit Log feature in a web application using PHP/OOP and jQuery Ajax. This feature is useful and a common feature for software or web applications. This is usually included in the project for an application that can be managed by multiple users. With this feature in your PHP Project, you can easily track or monitor the changes or actions made by the user.

CRUD Operation using PHP/MySQLi with DataTable and TCPDF Tutorial

This tutorial source code will teach how to CRUD(create, read, update, delete) using the two MySQLi Extensions which are OOP and Procedural. Also included, the data table library which is an extension that uses jquery to beautify and add functionality to HTML Table. Lastly, included is a PDF Generator using the TCPDF library.

Simple Friend System Using PHP with Source Code

Simple Friend System with Source is a PHP project that can let you send a friend request to other users. The program was created using PHP OOP, MySQLi, and Javascript. The program is very straightforward, the user can access the system when he/she signup an account. The user can search and send a random user to the home page. After sending a request the receiving user can decide whether to accept

How to Pass Optional Paramater to a Function in PHP

This tutorial tackles on how to pass optional parameter to a function in PHP. When we create a function and set a parameter to pass to this function, the function expects the parameter to be passed and will throw an error if none given. For instance that you wanted to pass an optional parameter to a function, hope you'll find this tutorial helpful.