Introduction: Welcome to a tutorial on the use of comments within Java. What are comments? Comments are just like the standard definition of comments anywhere in the world, they are used to explain something within the midst of the code. Comments are not read by Java and as such do not affect the program running. When are comments used? Comments are normally used to either make a note for the developer their self so they know where they need to go back to, or bookmark a specific location within a Java file.

Data entry and Autocomplete with Multiple Columns

In this tutorial I will show you how to save and autocomplete a textbox with multiple columns in Visual Basic 2008 and MS Access Database. As I expand my knowledge about autocomplete I discovered that you can put multiple columns/fields on it. So, it depends on you or your query, on how many columns/fields you want to exist. Let's begin: 1.Open Visual Basic 2008, create a project and do the Form just like this.