Library Management System Using PHP and MySQL with Source Code

This is a Simple Library Management System project that was developed using PHP. The system has 2 types of system users which are the Administrator and the students. The administrator is in charge to manage system data such as the books. The student users can read the announcements and borrow books. The system also computes the overdue fines of the students for their borrowed books. This is a

School Admission Processing, Screening and Scratch Cards Platform

Hi guys, this is a School Admission Portal that will help schools process their admission with ease. Student can apply for admission and take exams online, wait for result, start uploading details and many more. Admin can print out pins, activate students and deactivate them any time. Feel free to modify the system. Database is located in the Database folder. Documents is in the Documentation

Document Management System in VB.Net

This is a Client Server project entitled Document Management System written in and SQL Server Management Studio R2 2008 database for Mines and Geosciences Bureau. There are three (3) sections in the Mines and Geosciences Bureau, namely: under the MGB ROXIII - ISHES - MMT/CMVR - SDMP - MWMT - NGP/MFP - E/M and Explosive - Others 1. Safely and Health - Annual Safety and Health Program (ASHP)

Computer-Based Inventory Management System in

This is a project entitled Computer-Based Inventory Management System written in and Microsoft access database for Surigao Doctors College. The system has the following features: - Cataloging - Inventory - Circulation - Borrow - Return - View items - Maintenance - Stock-in - Stock-out - Item type - user settings - Generate report - History logs - About us - Logout Account Information

Bank Book, Cheques, Reconciliation, Over Draft, Bank Balance,

A very useful application in Access for Bank Book and Cheque Book management, reconciliation, Over Draft and Balance checking, with Address Book, Rtgs forms, pending cheque List etc. etc. ******* NEW RELEASE ******* BASIC CHANGES Opening Balance to be in Chq Table certain accounts to be created with code as 1,2,3,4 1- CANCELLED 2- BANK CHARGES 3- BANK INTEREST 4- SUSPENSE LEDGER ==================

Complete Inventory Management Software

Master Entries : Company Info Company's Contacts Category Sub Category SMS Setting SQL Server Setting Customers Management Suppliers Management Products Management Expense Vouchers Management Services Management Billing (Products + Services) Invoice Management Quotations Management SMS Sending using HTTP api Users Registration Change Password Records Customers Suppliers Products Stock Quotations