Information Gateway System (Barangay Demographics Governance Management)

# Information Gateway System # Point release: 17/11/2015 by Jii Yo with REDCAPPER Information Gateway System - Barangay Application ==================================== Information Gateway Application has a suite of selective modules specifically tailored to the requirements of education industry. Information Gateway System is engineered and designed considering range of management functions

Library Management System Using VB.NET and MS Access

Description: A simple yet effective Library Management System (LMS) that has the basic functionalities to keep record of every transaction that a library has such as borrowing, returning, baggage count, internet seat and much more. The system is User friendly and thus it can work on mulitple loads and handle huge number of records. It also provides the capability to produce reports from given

Hospital Management System (Ali Xihuny & Aishath Areesha) - 2K14

This is a simple Hospital Management System created for our final year project. I have used Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate, MS Access 2013, Telerik UI for Winforms 2014 to create this system. So, make sure you have all the required software before opening the VB file. Note: Telerik UI for Winforms is a must You can download it from here: Telerik UI for Winforms

Flowershop Management and Information System

This is a Flowershop Management and Information System that has the capabilities of that a sales and inventory of flower products. This system was programmed through the use of Visual Basic 6.0 and MS SQL Server 2000. This features to have purchasing transaction of flower products for cashiering, flower item entry for inputting flower information, stockin for inputting the quantity of a specific

Creating a Management Solution in Visual Basic #2 Add Record

Introduction: This tutorial is going to be on how to create a record management solution in Visual Basic. This Tutorial: Since this is a multi-part tutorial series, this tutorial is going to be on creating the add record function to append a new record to the management file. Add Record Form: As mentioned in the previous tutorial, the first part, we created the main form design, made the writeToFile function, and I mentioned that this addRecordButton component would link to a new form where the user is able to add, remove and modify as many

Management System in Python - #1 - Main Menu & Adding Users

Introduction: In this tutorial we will begin making a local user management system in Python. We have done this before in a simple SQLite database, but this series will be storing the information in simple plain text files ready for editing manually and portable safe. The Main System: First we want to create a main function which will be our menu system. The user will loop around this until they enter "0" to exit the program.

How to Create a User Management System in Python Using SQLite

Introduction: This tutorial is on how to create a user management system in Python using SQLite. The Database: First we need to create the database to store the information, to do this open CMD (on Windows) and type cd followed by your SQLite installation path, mine is:
  1. cd /d G:
  2. cd Libaries\Documents\SQLite
Now we use the command sqlite3 f

Picture Manager (updated version 1)

Picture manager help user to store picture to the database,edit picture name or delete picture. please open the read me first document before you open the system. thank you.. Updates: - Search functionality - Increased size of resolution (1025x650 pixels) - Reduced size (~750kb) For any question, please contact me via email or sourcecodester message modules. Please fill free to visit my other