Creating an AngularJS CRUD using UI-Router and PHP/MySQLi Tutorial

This tutorial tackles on how to create a CRUD Operation in Angular JS using Ui-Router to manage our routes and PHP/MySQLi to handle our backend with MySQL as our Database. You will learn in this tutorial how to use UI-Router. Angular JS is a javascript framework maintained by Google and is capable of creating Single-Page Applications.

Add, Edit, Delete Image with data table using PDO in PHP/MySQL

Related Code: Add, Edit, Delete with data table using PDO in PHP/MySQL This simple project is created using PDO or it's called PHP Data Objects and it's a database driven using MySQL as a database. This project is intended for beginners in using PDO. It has a basic code so everyone can easily to understand and learn.

Add, Edit and Delete record using PHP/MySQL with PDO Query

This project will teach you on how to make a CRUD (Create Record Update Delete) using PHP/MySQL and PDO Query. Why PDO? Because mysql functions are getting deprecated. PDO is safe from sql injections and it will make you far more productive. Just download the file, put it to your www folder(wamp) or htdocs(xampp) and upload the database in phpmyadmin. Enjoy and happy coding! :) If you need more