Add,Edit and Delete Using CodeIgniter.

In this tutorial you will be able to Add,Edit and Delete Data Using CodeIgniter. System Requirement to run CI: Xampp server or Wamp server . Any Browser Google chrome,Firefox,Opera,Safari.. etc. Php editor you can use Dreameaver,Notepad,Wordpad if you are using mac you can use textmate, or other compatible with your computer,for me i recommend Dreamweaver to easily fix the error if they have. This

Account Inventory

This account invenyory system is created using VB.net 2010 as front end and microsof access as back end. You can store your accounts username and password for the future reference. Features: 1.New user registration 2.Add,edit,delete and print stored accounts Login information: username;Admin password:admin Rquirements are: Visual studio 2010,crystal report 2010,microsoft access If you think it is

Patient's Record using MS Access Database

This is a patient record with one to many relationship. It allows you to record the patient's history as a child form. It has some useful code that you can use in your own application. The database can be found under debug folder. If you have question, leave your comment below or add me in your facebook account. My username is "michaelangeloico". Thank you


Collapse these simple sourcecode enables you View the hidden content of a link without refreshing or loading the page. just link the bootstrap.css and bootstrap.js file and just copy the code. This is a simple but useful sourcecode hope you may like this thank you.