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Creating Success and Failed Scenes

Creating the Success Scene This scene will indicate if you successfully completed a level then you can proceed to the next level. First thing to do is to create a new Scene called Success. Then create a UI Image, just like what you did on the gameplay UI locate the sprite in the Sprites folder then attach it to Source Image. Rename it as Background and set its components values a shown below

Creating Gameplay Controller

Now we will create the Gameplay Controller. This will be the game mechanics of the game. It will handle the flow of the game to make it playable. Create a GameObject then name it as Gameplay Controller. Then create a script and save it to Game Controllers folder as GameplayController. Write these important variables to make the game work properly: public static GameplayController instance; public

Creating Spawn Point and Scoring

Creating Spawn Point The Spawn Point manages the spawning of Pin when the Player touches the screen. First create a GameObject rename it as Spawn Point. Create a C# script save it to Gameplay folder as Spawner. Import this module first: using UnityEngine.UI; Write these blocks of code inside the Spawner class public GameObject pin; public int maxPin; [HideInInspector] public int totalPin;

Creating Rotator and Pin Object

Creating Rotator We will now create the object that always rotate and where we put the Pin on. To do that first locates the sprite inside the Sprites Directory. Drag the sprite to the Scene View. Rename the sprite as Target. Set the component values as shown in the image Add a component Circle Collider 2D and check the Is Trigger. Go to the Scripts folder and create a new folder inside of it

Creating Gameplay UI and Animations

Creating Gameplay UI Create a UI Image by going in the menu clicking the GameObject , and UI then select Image. Rename the Canvas as Gameplay UI and set the component values as show in the image below. After that rename the image as Background and locate it sprite in the Sprites folder. After setting up the Background, we will create a prompt that will appear when the user is trying to quit the

Setting up – Game Resolution, Changing Platform, and Categorizing Assets

Game Resolution First thing to do is to set up our Game resolution, to do that click the game tab then go to "Free Aspect" it is just below of Game tab. Then click the add button (the one that looks like +) and enter the value of each properties. For Width just make it "1080" so that we can have a great resolution for our game, then for Height leave it just "1920". Changing the Platform Under the

Getting Started – Creating Project

First you will need to download & install Unit Game Engine, here's the link for the After the Unity Game Engine is installed, open the unity game engine then we will get started. Here is the interface of the unity game engine when open Click "New", and then enter the project name "Pin The Needle". After entering the name click the 2D button because the game will be make

Pin The Needle Tutorial - Simple Classic Game For Android/IOS

Learn on how to create a simple game called Pin The Needle using a Unity Game Engine and a C# script. Unity is a cross-platform game engine with a built-in IDE developed by Unity Technologies. It is used to develop video games for web plugins, desktop platforms, consoles and mobile devices. Unity is an all-purpose game engine that supports 2D and 3D graphics, drag and drop functionality and

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In this tutorial I will show you on how to create a popular game like “Pac man” using a Unity Game Engine and a C# script. Unity is an all-purpose game engine that supports 2D and 3D graphics, drag and drop functionality and scripting through C#. Unity Script is a proprietary scripting language which is syntactically similar to JavaScript. Unity is notable for its ability to target games for

Zagelanews Android App

Zagelanews is a new location based social network, where users can get the news by drawing a circle around any area in the Map, and Zagelanews will bring all the news related to that selected area. Imagine if there is a big protest in the Newyork city, and you are sitting inside your home in Cairo, you can simply open the app and draw a circle around Wall Street, and hence Zagelanews will fetch