Responsive Ordering System using PHP Codeigniter Framework with Source Code


Project: Responsive Ordering System using PHP Codeigniter Framework


This project is an Online Ordering System with POS and Kitchen Side User Interface. This project is programmed using the Codeigniter framework and some other plugins and libraries. The Client-Side user interface is designed as mobile responsive. When the Cashier, Admin, and the Customers submit their order, the kitchen side order list will automatically populate new orders on the list with the help of a PHP socket. For the POS, the cashier or the admin can select if the order type is for delivery, dine-in, or take out and for the online ordering website for the customer, they can choose either for delivery or pickup. The system also generates a simple receipt. This system has also a chat system where the customer can send a message to the system admin for some info or any circumstances.


Admin Side

  • Login Page
  • Dashboard with sales and order summary
  • Product Category Management
  • Product Management
  • POS (Point of Sale)
  • Order List
  • Sales Report
  • Users Management
  • System Management
  • Kitchen Side Order Management
  • Account Management
  • Order Notification
  • Chat Box

Kitchen Side

  • Order List
    • New
    • Partially Served
  • Order Management

Cashier Side

  • Login
  • POS (Point of Sale)
  • Order List

Customer Side

  • Login Page
  • Signup Page
  • Home Page
  • Product List
  • Product Category Filtering
  • Product Search
  • Product Description View Modal
  • Order Cart
  • Order List
  • Account Management
  • Chat Box

Sample Images

Login Page
Login Page


ImageMenu DescriptionPOS

Mobile Cart List

This system is ready to use but unfortunately, the Delivery feature is not yet done. The source code is free but for educational purposes only and since this not yet 100% done but still, all the features stated above are fully functional. Feel Free to download the source and I hope this will help you for your future development.


How to Run

  1. Download the source code and extract the zip file.
  2. Download or set up any local web server that runs PHP script.
  3. Make sure to uncomment the "extension=sockets" line in your php.ini file.
  4. Run the "php-socket.php" file in your command line or terminal. [ php php-socket.php ]
  5. Open the web-server database and create a new database name it "rios_db".
  6. Import the SQL file located in the database folder of the source code.
  7. Copy and paste the source code to the location where your local web server accessing your local projects. Example for XAMPP('C:\xampp\htdocs')
  8. Open a web browser and browse the project. E.g [http://localhost/riosNote: If ever you renamed the source code folder or pasted it to another folder, make sure that you change the base_url value also in the config.php file.

Admin Default Access

Username: admin

Password: admin123

Free Documentation

For More PHP Projects, visit the links below.

Enjoy Coding :)

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1. Re-scan downloaded files using your personal virus checker before using it.
2. NEVER, EVER run compiled files (.exe's, .ocx's, .dll's etc.)--only run source code.


Submitted byengmohdon Tue, 12/22/2020 - 22:14

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Hi Dear 

Most of the projects that you submit are beautiful and strong, but in recent times they have been uploading projects that do not work and with this work you will lose your credibility

When explaining the video the project works fine

However, when you upload the project file, you do not upload the original file or upload it incomplete files

Do not be angry or upset with me, believe me, because I am interested in the projects that you present and because I benefit from them. I said this

Thank you




Hi engmohd, thank you for your concern and I appreciated that but just want you to know that the source code that I am using on the videos and the one I uploaded in every article is the same but If ever you have encountered any errors to my uploaded source code, I am willing to assist you or fix the source code. Although I cant say that I can immediately reply to your concerns. Thank you and btw. about the error you have encountered in this article, kindly check the path where did you pasted the source code and if you change the source code folder name please make sure to configure also the base_url value in the codeigniter congig.php file.

Hello sir, may I ask if you know how to fix if I paste source code in another device and after I run, the application folder get gone. and after I paste it again after I reload the browser the application folder gets gone. How to fix it?Thank you.
Submitted byanthrax (not verified)on Mon, 03/15/2021 - 20:06

Nice project but when i try to login the admin and creating a guest user i got this kind of error, pls help This page isn’t working localhost is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500
Submitted byebwer (not verified)on Tue, 03/30/2021 - 02:16

On localhost its doing fine no wahala but once u uplod on an online server below is the error How do i go about it A PHP Error was encountered Severity: Warning Message: mysqli::real_connect(): (HY000/2002): No such file or directory Filename: mysqli/mysqli_driver.php Line Number: 207 Backtrace:
Submitted bysiwayss (not verified)on Thu, 04/27/2023 - 18:59

In reply to by ebwer (not verified)

Hello sir, may I ask if you know how to fix if I paste source code in another device and after I run, the application folder get gone. and after I paste it again after I reload the browser the application folder gets gone. How to fix it?Thank you.
Submitted byEZze (not verified)on Mon, 07/05/2021 - 22:32

An uncaught Exception was encountered Type: ParseError Message: syntax error, unexpected token ";", expecting ")" Filename: C:\xampp\htdocs\rios\application\models\Order_Model.php Line Number: 129 Backtrace: File: C:\xampp\htdocs\rios\application\controllers\Order.php Line: 9 Function: model File: C:\xampp\htdocs\rios\index.php Line: 316 Function: require_once .... Nice but... how to solve that error
Submitted bySiway SJ (not verified)on Sat, 04/08/2023 - 17:44

Good day sir, can I ask how to change the footer text? I cannot find the file containing the footer to be change, Thank you very much. It's just for my capstone project.

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