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How to Import CSV Data in PHP CodeIgniter Framework

Importing CSV data into applications is a common practice. However, CodeIgniter Framework does not out of the box have this functionality as it does not have a library that does this. We will be using a csvimport.php library written by Bradstinson. This can be downloaded at github. This library converts CSV data to an array which can be looped through and saved into a database table. Getting

Sales and Inventory Management System using CodeIgniter (PHP Framework) with Source Code

This is a Sales and Inventory Management System project that was developed using CodeIgniter PHP Framework and MDB Bootstrap Template. The purpose of this project is to help a certain company to manage its sales transactions and stock monitoring. The system stores the company's product data and also relevant information to manage the stocks and sales transaction such as the supplier list, customer

Simple CRUD with CodeIgniter and Vue.JS with Source Code

Developing a web application is not as easy as you think to reach the client/user expectations. By using some libraries and frameworks, will help developers a lot to ease their work on developing a project. And by that, I have created a simple web application in PHP with JavaScript with the use of CodeIgniter Framework and Vue.js. CodeIgniter is a PHP framework that is built for developers to ease

Responsive Ordering System using PHP Codeigniter Framework with Source Code

Project: Responsive Ordering System using PHP Codeigniter Framework About This project is an Online Ordering System with POS and Kitchen Side User Interface. This project is programmed using the Codeigniter framework and some other plugins and libraries. The Client-Side user interface is designed as mobile responsive. When the Cashier, Admin, and the Customers submit their order, the kitchen side

Inventory Management System in PHP and Codeigniter with Source Code

Hi everyone. This simple inventory management system allows you to manage the day to day inventory of an organization. The system allows the system users to export into CSV or xlsx (excel) file and also ready to print. You can also set up role permission for other members or system users dynamically which means you can create multiple user roles and manage their pages and functionalities of the

Simple Car Rent Using Codeigniter

This application serves to record car rental transactions. Basic features available: 1. Car data 2. Customer data 3. Rental transactions 4. Returns transactions This application was created using Codeigniter 3 (PHP) and SB Admin 2 based UI (Bootstrap 4). This application is very simple, so you can modify it as needed. Database: rental_mobil.sql (included) User: admin Pass: admin

[SIMPLE] P.E. Equipments Inventory and Reporting System in PHP MYSQLI

Basic CRUD functionalities with quantity and basic Dashboard. When an item or equipment is lost from the inventory, the quantity will be deducted. -Basic -Minimalist -SIMPLE This is a STRAIGHT-FOWARD and simple inventory system that has no transaction and sales system. ©Reborn Dev Team