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Implementing Routes in PHP for MVC Frameworks Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will explore the creation of a straightforward PHP Routing System for a PHP project that utilizes an MVC (Model, View, and Controller) framework. Throughout this tutorial, I will help you grasp the concept of routing within a PHP project and provide PHP Scripts to create a basic web application with routing functionality.

Simple Task Allocation System using PHP and SQLite Source Code Free Download

This simple project is entitled Task Allocation System. It is a simple web application that was mainly developed with PHP Language and SQLite database. The system's main purpose is to provide a certain company or organization with a platform to manage/allocate/assign their employees tasks. This mini-project has a pleasant user interface with the help of Bootstrap Framework. It consists of useful

Advance Shopping Cart using PHP Free Source Code

Introduction This is an Advance Shopping Cart Application source code developed in PHP Language. The main purpose of this shopping cart application is to provide the students or those programmers who are new to PHP with a reference to understand and have an Idea of how to develop an advanced shopping cart for their eCommerce or Online Shops/Store projects. With this, you will learn one of the

Laundry Booking Management System in PHP with Free Source Code

This is a PHP Project entitled Laundry Booking Management System. In this simple project, the main purpose of this project is to make a faster and reliable web application. At the initial stage of my study of PHP Programming Language. It is useful for Laundry Management systems. This project manages the day-to-day transaction of a laundry shop or business. The Laundry Booking Management System was

Event Registration System with QR Code in PHP Free Source Code

Introduction This is a PHP Project is entitled Event Registration System with QR Code. This project manages the attendance/registration records of attendees or guests/listeners of an event. The system uses a QR Code (Quick Response Code) in checking the attendance of the attendee. This system is web-based software. About the Event Registration System with QR Code This project was developed using

Expense Tracker Web App Free Source Code

This is an Expense Tracker Web App that tracks the way you spend your income. It's simple and easy to use. The application contains the CRUD Operations or (Create, Read, Update, and Delete). The system stores the categories of expenses along with the amount to spend. Every time you create or add a new expense record, the balance will automatically calculate to show you your balance for each

eCommerce - Online Book Store in PHP with PayPal Free Source Code

Introduction This is an ECommerce Website in PHP project for Book Stores that I called Online Book Store. This project provides the book store's client or possible client to have an online platform for exploring and order the different kinds of books that the store/shop is selling. The system has also an Admin Panel where the store management can manage the products, orders, and other data in the

Responsive Ordering System using PHP Codeigniter Framework with Source Code

Project: Responsive Ordering System using PHP Codeigniter Framework About This project is an Online Ordering System with POS and Kitchen Side User Interface. This project is programmed using the Codeigniter framework and some other plugins and libraries. The Client-Side user interface is designed as mobile responsive. When the Cashier, Admin, and the Customers submit their order, the kitchen side

Faculty Evaluation System using PHP/MySQLi with Source Code

Project: Faculty Evaluation System using PHP/MySQLi About The Project The Faculty Evaluation System is a PHP/MySQLi project that helps a certain school to manage their faculties evaluation results. The system has 3 user types which are the Administrator, Faculties, and the Students. The Administrator user is in-charge of maintaining and populating the data in the system database using the front

College Management System using PHP/MySQLi with Source Code

College management system using PHP and Javascript. The College Management System is a PHP/MySQL Project that manages some information of a certain College School. This system has 2 types of roles which are the Admin and User. The Admin User is the system user that is in-charge in maintaining and managing the data of the system and the Users can view some information and join in the forum. The