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Getting Started With CodeIgniter


Now that you’ve learned what CodeIgniter is, our next step is on how to install CodeIgniter framework on your local computer running Apache, PHP, and MySQL. You may install Wampserver to run these three applications.

As you may know that a framework is just a bunch of code or a set of libraries and classes that you can reuse in your web application. So, instead of creating your own libraries and classes, CodeIgniter has it already and you can use it right away.

Step 1: Downloading CodeIgniter

Open your favorite web browser and start typing

Click Download


Submitted bymadhu nandu (not verified)on Tue, 09/02/2014 - 20:14

Need sample coding for how to work with codeigniter. how to do my project in codeigniter, bcz i am a newer of this frame work pls guide me.

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