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Populate Dropdown List Using CodeIgniter


In this code you’ll learn on how to populate a dropdown list using CodeIgniter. The list will be pulled from the function called “buildCountryDropdown” using helper.

The function is being called from the controller and then passed it to the view.

Here’s the code to call the helper and populate the array with values from our function:

  2. $this->load->helper('dropdown');
  3. $this->data['country'] = buildCountryDropdown('country', $this->input->post('country'));

When passed to the view, all you have to do is use this code:

<?php echo $country; ??>

Attached herewith is the application folder


Submitted byAmrak (not verified)on Sun, 03/29/2015 - 18:26

Great tutorial! Please one more tutorial on dependent drop down list in codeigniter will be of great help. Thank you!

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