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Read the FAQ before asking question

Are you wondering why some of your questions are not answered? This is because it is a common question that most visitors are asking. Before you ask question be sure to read the FAQ. It contains only a few common questions but will save you time in waiting for my answer. Sometimes I do not answer question especially if it is found under the FAQ. So, better read it first.

Sub Seven Trojan Horse

I have created a trojan horse before that looks like a sub seven trojan horse. I did it just for fun. I am wondering if I will share it here. I need your opinion before I upload the source code. This is for educational purpose only and I am not liable for any damages that this program will cause in your system. The trojan is a kind of tools use for hacking other computer. Of course I did not use

Inventory System Source Code

As I promise to upgrade the Hotel Reservation System to VB.NET version I am thinking of uploading again the source code of Inventory System that I've made before. If you like my Point of Sale program you will most likely praise this program. It has a lot of features that I even forgot some of the functionalities due to a wide variety of functions and modules that I have created. If you are a

Database for Hotel Reservation System

Thanks to all who voted for the next version of Hotel Reservation System. I am now ready to code for this next release. However, since this program is design only for desktop I am planning to add a web based. But I cannot do this if MS Access is our backend. You know that MS Access database is not optimize for web. As a side note, I would like again to solicit from your sincere comments if you'd


I use broadband and end up downloading quite a bit of data. The service provider's site give the user a link to check usage (eg. for the current month or any other already biile months). However the site is very slow and at times the site just refuses to load or produces error messages. Could you please help me in suggeting how I could have a small app on my system which would track the kilobytes

I'm Confuse with my Web Host

This is just an update to my blog about my web host that I wrote 1 week ago regarding the message they sent me. After having my seminar and a 3 days of silence on this website I am still updating my site to transfer it to other web host to solve my web hosting problem. But after moving my previous web host ( told me that It wasn't that

A Message from my Web Hosting

Recently I received a message from my web hosting. They are complaining about my website because of huge usage of my account on their server. Here's a few message from the email: "Your account is utilizing excessive resources, causing a significant degradation of services on the server. This is a shared environment and we can not allow one user to utilize the majority of the resources on a server