Three tire archi tecture in .net

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Hello every body.I(Regi Mathai Thomas) new in this site.Recently i have visited this site and i liked very much about the article which was published by the people who is good in programming.

I did not find any topic about three tire architecture in the programming
I would like to share my ideas and codes which will explain how it is about this subject.
I am doing project in and sqlserver 2005.

Nowadays all the application side software used in client server architecture.So based on my knowledge I will try to send the projects in this site, if anybody will make the request.

best wishes.

Regi Mathai Thomas


Think and then do


i hope u can provide us ur ideas about this architecture. :) anyway i am also using c# and sql server. and i used the MVP pattern this is what u mean of 3 tier architecture i guess... :) isolate the view to the business logic is what this pattern purpose. Anyway u could post ur idea on how u implement the 3 tier architecture design. thanks and god bless

I hope also there is a topic discuss all about software engineering, on how they implement it practically , not just only techniques for coding but also strategies on how u were able to deliver ur project on-time. and also about TDD :) i love to hear from the admin about there experience in software engineering. :)

Yes i would like an article on three application development.

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