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Enrollment System Source Code

Enrollment System will be my next project to upload here. This is written in Visual Basic .NET. I have also an MS Access version but I cannot upload here for the meantime because I still have clients who wants to buy this software. May be after I sold at least 2 licenses I will upload it here. Although the VB.NET and MS Access version have the same functionality but there are some features that

How to Become a Highly Paid Freelance Programmer

One of the best way to earn money as a programmer is of course to find customer locally in your area. The competition is much lower compare to promoting your expertise in the internet as a freelancer. But if you have an extra time to divulge your energy in the internet then finding freelance provider can really boost your income. The following are a good place to start earning an extra income. www

How to increase your income in the internet

Wondering why some are very successful as computer programmer? To define a “successful programmer” is to consider him/her as having numerous clients whether on the internet or on his/her vicinity. But how they did it? In my years of experience if you want to find more clients you really have to advertise yourself if you’re just beginning. Well, there are so many different ways on how to advertise

Planet source code superior coding contest winner

Hi to all, I would like to thanks the member of who voted my source code. just emailed me today informing me that I was awarded for their coding contest 'Superior Code Award'. The source code that received an award was Hotel Reservation. I will not wonder why I am nominated for this work since it has really a good coding practice.

Complete Software Outsourcing Project on Schedule

In areas of China and the Asia Pacific, most of software outsourcing projects are accounted at a fixed rate, and this contract mode brings a mistaken concept to firms that it will cause inconvenience but have no effect on project investment because of this project delay. In fact, any delay of project not only causes inconvenience but also affect operation and benefit of firms. If a new business

How to build great software

1. Software must be designed in detail before development starts, so that a clear plan can be out-layed. The more complex a design, the more like software the design itself is. By perfecting a design, then writing the software to that design, you're effectively writing the work twice. Instead, by doing just some simple design sketches and data modelling rather than a book-like design, a good

Free Billing System Source Code

The billing system source code is now available for download. This program contains advance coding so this is not particularly for beginners. But if you're a newbie and would like to learn from this program you might use the debugging tools built with visual basic 6.0. Debugging tool was my companion when I started to become a programmer. I downloaded some of the program from the internet and use