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Does anybody here knows how to code in Machine Architecture that is Really Intuitive Easy so called MARIE ARCHITECTURE? MARIE is some kind of assembly language.

If you do know some knowledge, codes, links and can explain how it works in a computer please post it here.

Thank you in advance @[email protected]



How to write a bubble sort to sort ten numbers in a Marie Assembly Language

hey there,,,

can anyone tell me how to make a snake game in assembly language ????/

hello good day to you coder....

can u help me to make a code for my project about the daily time record that can calculate all the duty work and the over time work.... on the running program visual basic.....can you send or post in my fb or [email protected]

thank you.....
god bless....

helow sir.....i have an project but i think it cant finish easily... can you help me how to create an a simple program that can link the program to database......???

i hope you would response me...

thanks and god bless

how to write marie's assembly language with 20 numbers

what is the history of Marie: Assembly Language

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