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Code Flexibility

Dear All; please i am looking a way to minimize the code in visual basic 2008 specially dealing with a database programing. let me little explain. is there any way to write a common function to get the data back and utilize insted of every form writing a code. for exemple i have multiple combo box and datagrid and some normal text field like any form. i need to pass the query and if for combo then

Hotel Reservation System v2.0

I would like to announce the release of Hotel Reservation System v2.0. This release will be subject to GNU License. I still have some few modification to be made but I already uploaded it so that you can start your own research on the usefullness of this program. This program is also available for download at Both executable and source code. If you

How to Solve your Programming Problem?

As I watch growing its traffic drastically I cannot accommodate all inquiries regarding your problem in computer programming. I have, however, a good suggestion if you need a source code that cannot be found here. is a website that facilitates buyer and coder (sellers) about their programming job. The following are the FAQ from RentACoder website. 1. I have a

Library System Source Code

I can't wait until I finish my upgraded version of Hotel Reservation System using I am planning to upload again one of the source code that thought me how to program using MS Access. This program is called Library System and is written in Microsoft Access. I started working with this code since 1999. This is very useful for Library in managing a day-to-day transaction. From borrowing to

Hotel Reservation Update

I wish to finish this program as soon as possible. I am working hard to make it better and would like to update you about it. My productivity in using VB.NET 2008 are very slow because of lack of time, computer hardware issue (in terms of speed - I hope I have a quad core processor), coding changes, et. But I promise that this program could make a difference from other programmer. It has all the

Convert C# to Visual Basic .NET

Sometimes if you encounter a code other than what you are using and it is useful on what you think then you feel frustrated. Since C# and VB.NET is a close partner you can now convert this code from C# to VB.NET or vice versa. Here's a link to convert a C# source code to VB.NET: You may also want to convert VB.NET to C#: http://www