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As I promise to upgrade the Hotel Reservation System to VB.NET version I am thinking of uploading again the source code of Inventory System that I've made before. If you like my Point of Sale program you will most likely praise this program.

It has a lot of features that I even forgot some of the functionalities due to a wide variety of functions and modules that I have created.

If you are a beginner in Visual Basic 6.0 you really need to learn how to debug a program. Debugging means stepping through the code during runtime. This way you will know how the program works.

Actually this is an unfinished program due to complexity of the design of my client. But most functions of an inventory system is already there.

A features like purchase order, sales order, receive item, deliver item, return item to supplier or receive item returned from customers are included in this system and a lot more.

Right after I clean all the data's and leave a sample record I will upload it here as soon as possible.



i want to see the source code of inventory system for computer

See for more information about inventory management system in





What do you mean by source code of data banking?

i wat to see the codes of an inventory system!!

please can i have a source code of inventory system.. kindly send in this email [email protected].. i will be a big help... i count on this,, Thank you so much...

please let us see the codes for billing system...using c# 2005..please

please post a code for  stock in (for inventory system) using c#


As of now I am concentrating on VB.NET and not C#.

plZZ...we need it coz we dont know what to do...

Sorry but I cannot do it for you. If you'd like to become a programmer please study it.

let me see the source code for inventory system in c++...


let me see the source code for inventory system in c++


Try to see this code in c++: Inventory System.

t has a lot of features that I even forgot some of the functionalities due to a wide variety of functions and modules that I have created.

uPdate me mr.Admin .


CAn you please give a sample code for generating a re-order list in a sales and inventory system...??


I want to see some codes of c++ of payroll system

please post a code for sales ang inventory system code

i hav create a inventory system..
gt product code n product name nin my order form..
i wan compare product code n product name but i dono how to compare..
my product code for maggie is T001..
then i cannot type T001,my product name is honey star...
i wan my product code n product name muz match...
T001 this code muz match v maggie...

hope u can help me...
send me the code in [email protected]

can u help me to have that sytem program code

inventory simple system only,were just beginners please we need your help a mater of life and death a girl

I don't know how to create a simple inventory system. As long as inventory system is concern I think it is quite complicated in nature.

I think all you need is to study it, hardly...

pls send a sample code of simple inventory system,...tnx

would you please post the source code of the inventory system? i learned a lot from your tutorials, please don't stop from sharing your knowledge. thanks a lot.

Please follow the link above.

Can u please help me, how to make an grocery inventory system?please..I badly needed your help...

please help me,how to make a program code of game "WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE?" or proGRam codes of sales inventory..
please i dono wat to do.. THANKS !!!


please, i need help.. we need to create inventory system for only 1 week.. and its making me crazy..
my teacher is a bastard! hmmpp..

hello...can u please help me.. a bsit student.. ..can u please let me see a sample code of a sales and inventory system...? ..because it helps me a lot in our thesis...

do you have stockroom inventory system program?

If you need a customize system kindly Contact me.

cn u pls give me a sample program about inventory of ict.

sir i need a sample codes of vb sales and inventory system i need it as soon as early plzzz

if u want to help this is my account

[email protected]

hello can you help me in making my project about billing system of restuarant using visual basic applying with the database.

tanx i wait for your reply..............

any codes for sales and inventory connected to mssql server 2005

this is not what i expected i thought i was vb 6.0 the c++ is so old now its so boring!!!!thats all!!!

good day can you help me for my thesis i want to code to inventory system,,,pls send to my email'''
[email protected]

pls. send me the code of inventory [email protected]

can u give me a flow chart of the inventory system... so that i can easily code it... thanks... im a bscs 2 student and we are already making a system.. huhu it [email protected][email protected] for final we are making 2 system the inventory and information but the inventory system is more complicated because their are so many things to cosider..

hey can u please help me.. im bsit..i need idea about inventory system.. and my prof want me to create a flow chart about i nid idea .. i nid to pas it ryt away...hir my account if u dont mind send to my account... [email protected] thankx a lot....

could u pls. help me regarding inventory and sales monitoring system!
if you have a sample program for dat using VB??
i nid dat for my defense.. i jas want a sample to follow??
thanks.. you can email me at [email protected]

u have a inventory system ..... have sales please send me some code .... ([email protected]) email please

i dont know how to create inventory system


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