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As I promise to upgrade the Hotel Reservation System to VB.NET version I am thinking of uploading again the source code of Inventory System that I've made before. If you like my Point of Sale program you will most likely praise this program.

It has a lot of features that I even forgot some of the functionalities due to a wide variety of functions and modules that I have created.

If you are a beginner in Visual Basic 6.0 you really need to learn how to debug a program. Debugging means stepping through the code during runtime. This way you will know how the program works.

Actually this is an unfinished program due to complexity of the design of my client. But most functions of an inventory system is already there.

A features like purchase order, sales order, receive item, deliver item, return item to supplier or receive item returned from customers are included in this system and a lot more.

Right after I clean all the data's and leave a sample record I will upload it here as soon as possible.


Hey very nice web site!! Man.. Beautiful.. Wonderful.. I'll bookmark your web site and take the feeds alsoKI am satisfied to seek out a lot of helpful information here in the publish, we want work out extra techniques in this regard, thank you for sharing eedbkdeddfgfceed

Reference and documentation for Sales Inventory system. I need source for the outline in the thesis.. BSIT here Thanks!

could you help me on my cellphone inventory system project using VISUAL BASIC + MySQL Workbench 5.2 CE regarding on computation of cost and total cost, update and sace/insert please your help would be much appreciated in my project :)

hi sir good day can you help me for my thesis about sales and inventory system please ..

[email protected]

thank you in advance :)

please help me in creating inventory system. thankyousomuch.....

sir can you give me an sample code for simple inventory tnx

me pleasing to the code of inventory system in java

can anyone give me some sample codes for VS 2008 and sql for sales and inventory system

Go Programmers


i want to test


hi pls help me regarding inventory and sales monitoring system!
if you have a sample program for dat using VB??
need some reference to start creating my sales and inventory system for a small business.. tnx.. you can send it to my yahoo account... [email protected]

kindly create a simple sales and inventory system...using

send it to my email [email protected]

i need a code 4 my thesis ..can u give me some code about inventory system.. tnx.:)

dont send it for comunicating services add ur knowlege

whould u mind not to send airspace plse put the source about simulation project instance inventory system completly .


can you please help me to do a c programming for electrical appliances inventory system.. really need your help for my final project..

can someone help me??????i need a source code for a book store inventory and stocks and sales inventory in c# or java..........i really need those source code.........plzzzzzzz....tnx....this is my email [email protected] again

hi sir can u help me for my project about a system? the television surplus inventory system if u have some code pls give me the codes tnx..

kindly create a simple sales and inventory system...using

send it to my email add. [email protected]

can some help in MYSQL source code..PLS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< help me<<[email protected]//...............thank you ............

can some body help me for my thesis what i should selct topic i m doing ms in software engineering
but want to take thesis on simple and technical topic........safina




TNX ..


[email protected]

i need help..please...i need the source code of inventory system!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i need to write a code to build a software for a bookstore in SQL database with the following requirement:

Search an inventory
Update an inventory
Process an orders against the inventory
Maintain data (historical or statistical) about the inventory

The company's name is USF BookStore

Basically, the software should be able to search for a book..update a book...and so forth..
for more details:

From the main menu, the user will have the following to choose from:

Add a new book
Search for a book by title
Search for a book by ISBN Number
View transaction

If book search is found in the database, the user will then have the following to choose from in the sub menu:
Update book inventory
Process sales order

I really need help and I am not good in not at all...please..for those who love programing..I will really appreciate it. This will really be a LIFE SAVER

hi sir pls help me out in my system.. i need a complete source code of sales and inventory system.. plz.. thank you.. this is my email.. [email protected].. tnx in advance...

hey if u could send me the inventory program in java i will be very thankful. Currently i have 2 projects and its not likely that i will finish the one for inventory system. Thank you. My e-mail is [email protected]

I also need codes for Inventory System using VB & C# ..please help me.

[email protected]

Thanks! It would be highly appreciated :)

i need an inventory source code in send it to my email add: [email protected] you!!!

Sir please send me source code.I,m mail [email protected]

It will be very much appreciated, kindly send the program in [email protected]



Could you please help me by sending the source code for inventory system using C# and Data base in windows application.

You can send this on [email protected]

Thanks alot!

pliz help me with the project in java.
[email protected]

I Would Like To Create A Mini Program On Inventory Of A Supermarket Can Someone Help? I Have Created A Program But Its Not Running. My Email Is [email protected]/[email protected]

Plz help...i want a miniprojecct on inventory management system in java...
so plz send me the code please...
[email protected]

christian greetings to u sir/madam,

im gevai i ned ur help. I ned a source code of inventory in C++. can u send me the code in my acct. [email protected].. tnx God bless!

Hi, I am very interest with the code too. May I have a copy too? Please kindly send me the code to
[email protected]


Could you please help me by sending the source code for inventory system using C# in window application.

You can send this on [email protected].

Thank You.

kindly create me a simple record keeping system using with database sql?? me...


heres my [email protected]...

could you please send me the copy of the source code? thank you very much...
[email protected]

please send me a copy of your inventory management software code. thank you sir/maam

[email protected]

please send me a copy of your inventory management software code. thank you sir/maam

[email protected]

can you please give me source code of sales and inventory system,pls... i badly need it, our presentation is on Monday and i haven't do our system...pls help me... thank you..

send the source in my email add : [email protected]

big thank you sir,,

could please send me a source code of an inventory system using C ? i badly need it.. THANK YOU very much.. here's my eadd "[email protected]".. tnx a lot..

Hello programmer!? can u pls help me in my project in making inventory system in SME that would include a minimum of: 5 tables ,Reports ,Queries , Forms and Functional buttons that can add, update, search, delete, close form, etc. that can apply all functionality in every table
?using oop in java?

or any database that is used in SME as long as it is in java language.
pls.. help me I'm begging! :(

[email protected]

tnx a lot ..Gbu!

Please send me some code of Sales and Inventory System. Thank You!


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