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The source code contain advance coding specially on how to manipulate data using SQL Language. You will appreciate how I use the WHERE Clause statement to SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE record from the database using a combination of sql statement.
Basic features include:

  1. Monthly Charges
  2. Receive Payment
  3. Customer Ledger
  4. Collectibles
  5. Paid Charges
  6. Payment History
  7. Reporting
  8. And a lot more...

Account information
username: adminpassword: a
For the database password please read FAQ.
Download Billing System v1.0 Installer here.
Note: If you come from just to download the ocx file please download the full source code below. The ocx file is included in the zip file.

Note: Due to the size or complexity of this submission, the author has submitted it as a .zip file to shorten your download time. After downloading it, you will need a program like Winzip to decompress it.

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1. Re-scan downloaded files using your personal virus checker before using it.
2. NEVER, EVER run compiled files (.exe's, .ocx's, .dll's etc.)--only run source code.


after downloading the code. what will i do next? idk thanks. i badly need it right now. our submission is tomorrow. thanks again

Dear sir,

your code is too good
i recently download and study on this soft that is awesome.

i want to ask you when i check each month so in detail 5 title subscriber number, name, amount, route and status. but when i press print so amount is not shown in report.

kindly let me know how can is insert amount field in report?

i am waiting you answer.


my question is that what is power billing system

This project is not completed..missing info and code.why is it still up?

How to do this programming using the title of book and magazines store

is there any VB NET 2010 version of the same program?

Sir can you give me a documentation regarding on this system. I really need the documentation sir for my thesis proposal.thank you

e-mail me sir [email protected]

sir we have planned to start the company based on software development for retail sector but initially we dont know how to develop the project so can u pls help me how to develop that and we need your guidence

SiR can you give me someidea about the code of our thesis tobe used for the fisrt time in our school entitled Student billing system? thank you very much..

i installed and started the program then it displays a wizard that say Locate Database. i don't understand what it is asking for; pls help
thank you!

i installed the program and tried to start it but it says "Run-time error '3709' " i don't understand the problem is. help me out there.
thank you!

ODBC error:[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Connection not open
plz tell me ///

when i choose the "report" of "collection summary" server has not yet been found .... how to find it can u give me solution to access or create the server

im getting a compile error from (modFunctionChild) loadchildwindow

how to access the server, (when i click the Report buttom server has not yet been open) it says .. can u give me suggestion to access server

sir, i can't find the vbproj file in the zip folder. please help me with this problem of mine. thank you.


I can't open the billing system.. It show "Can't find project or library.. Where i can find it?

we have a Visual Foxpro program that rans all data and transaction in laboratory, it so happens that the programmer who make this is not available anymore. We need to enhance or better replace the said program, is there anybody who can make work on this project? this is a long term project and you will be compensated will. Just email me for more info. at [email protected]

I am using VB6 (not VB5). I can not run because of the reference to MScomctllib - How can I overcome this?

can you tell us new password for admin.
[email protected]

i need database password plz provide to my [email protected]

hey guyz its like im not in the pic ryt now so wd you mind putting me upto speed coz i really dont understand how this billing system works so cud anybody give me an idea please.

i would like to try your billing software

when i try to view any report it states that " Server has not yet been opened. "
help me out to view the reports please..

sir i need project for fees collection system ..plz send me code urgent plz ..
this is my id
[email protected]

sir i am confuse about the error upon running the program

it says:
Error Number: -2147467259
Description: 'D:\Websites\\Billing
System\Data\data.mdb' is not a valid path. Make sure
that the path name is spelled correctly and that you
are connected to the server on which the file resides.

i am very much interested about your program sir, so i am
asking for help, please.

i want to become a programmer

I want to make database connection through txt file in, (e.g data source="d:\proj\123.mdb"), i want data source =path.txt
it means i can change data base folder any time, and that time i have to change path only in txt file, and no need to open program source code, to chage data base connection path. Hope u understood my question

hi good day!
can you give me a code of billing system? tnx and godbless ahead!

i just want how to learn and develop billing software,did u please refer it.

sir i need a billing system project for only adding client details ,total amount ,servicetax,etc and display the required field in the design html page plz send me the project or help me in this project
my email id [email protected]

I really nid some source code in vb for a water billing system and sql as a database. pls help. ds s for our case study! email me @ [email protected]... my thesis starts from a subscriber's text message either to inquire or to pay his bills then to an sms server. then to the database. i'm confuse with the design, pls help PRO Progremmers.

Hai sir

I am going to Develop one fees receipt Billing software with VB with access could u send any sample software........

pls send d mail my mail id was [email protected]

Thank u

plzzzz more design and source codes about water billing system plzzzz!!!!!!
[email protected] my account

while selecting a mdb kindly keep a validation , suppose if we select any other file rather than mdb it results into an error and we cant even retry for choosing again.

Hi to everyone, Im a college student, I really want to create a simple billing system for my case study in school. Using visual basic, and database is in MS access only.. So Im begging the PRO programmers anyone here..:) just send some codes in winrar to my email: [email protected]. Thanks in advance.. :) more powers to this site.. :)


I am a college student and I need to make a system that can help our school, and It will be a honor if someone like you could help me out. I need a related school clinic system, could you please help me on this..

anticipating for your support.

email: [email protected]

hi sir ,,,,,
i want to develop one shoping mall billing system using java/j2ee...i know some basic ideas to create that...pls send full source code to my mail id....i will help to improve my knowledge and develop so many projects in self.....


can you pls help me.. im a student and we have a project about hospital billing system. Can you pls help me.. send me codes suitable for hospital billing system..

this is my email add

[email protected]


hello sir.
my email id [email protected]

i would like to get notes from u on how to make this billing system, if it costs any thn i will also like to knoe about it

i m from india, i want full Billing System 1.0.1 for cable tv billing.
thank u.
[email protected]

please send me a code for cable billing this email
[email protected]

with delightful and exited mode i would request you to send me the pharmacy stock billing codes at [email protected]

hi,i want uar help for my proj. Mobile Tracking proj designing. If u known source code for this proj. plz give me some solutions.
u can cantact me on my mail id- [email protected]

hi this is waleed.. i need a shoping mall bill source code.. kindly send me if u have any..
my email address is: [email protected]

how to post the data on android application using local host

i would like you to send for the source code in vb for purchasing system for address is [email protected]

salam sir
Plz send me code of ur billing software.plzzz
my email id is
[email protected]

hellow sir please send me the code of above system in advanced java in my email on [email protected]......... please

I had got a billing software with barcode from Webdots with online,offline POD bill
if needed get him @ [email protected] (+91-8807799282)

for queries mail me


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