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This is an advance Inventory System that I've made before. It has a lot of features that you can use in your own program.
Features of this program are as follows: 

  • Purchase order are put on hold prior to final posting.
  • Purchase/Sales order return. 
  • The system automatically detect if all items in purchase order has been delivered. 
  • Items in listview turns red if all items has been delivered. 
  • Items received under purchase order are still put on hold until it is declared as final received. 
  • The item is not yet added to the inventory if it is on hold. 
  • When the item is put on hold you can still edit it. 
  • Product Measures or Product packaging allows you to record quantity based on packaging. 
  • Record deliveries per city. 
  • Allow you to edit purchase order or sales order on hold. 
  • Receive collection from different customer's invoices and receive only the amount collected from customers. 
  • Assorted product allows you to combine different product which has the same product line and automatically added to the products table. 
  • Products groupings allows you to group different product in one package and automatically added to the products table.
  • Customers balance monitoring.

This program has an advance features and coding that I did not include in the list of features above. Discover it yourself if you want to use this program.
Account information:
Username: admin
Password: a
For the database password please read FAQ.
Download ocx files here:
StyleButtonX.ocx herectrlNSDataCombo.ocx
Download Inventory System installer here.
Here's a video tutorial on how to operate this program: Inventory System Video Tutorial.

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1. Re-scan downloaded files using your personal virus checker before using it.
2. NEVER, EVER run compiled files (.exe's, .ocx's, .dll's etc.)--only run source code.


i m facing error as below:-
Class ctrlNSDataCombo.NSDataCombo of control nsdStock was not a loaded control class.

on every form

hello admin :)
i have a thesis and i must present my work next week.
~ i have Q's for you :)
Q1> what should i do to change the password of data base? if there is a decoding action for that ,can you give me the exact code and guides?
Q2> how to compile your Inventory System to application ?
Q3> why i cant run this system when i transfer this system in to other computer ... it says >> Error Number: - 2147467259 .. Description: Could not find file .
> i want to transfer it into other computer.
i hope you will reply..ill w8 for your response , thank you

Send me mail for database password.............. [email protected]
Thank you!

Please send me the database password.. my email is [email protected]


Kindly send to code me. how to add icon in listview subitem please.

Eg. icon show in listview column 3.

Thaks & Regards,
Rakesh Panwar

i cant open the database please help me with the password

Watch the video on this link so you will know how to find the password:

password has 6 letters.... yajeep its a clue for the database password.... i scramble the letters to be fair...

can anyone help me for my thesis. Sales and inventory.
give me link. thank you in advance.

What is Access Database Password

can u know 3 tier architecture in then please guide me.\

Hello friends i am an I.T student. i am working on a small database related project in which i connected the excel sheets for data . .but the fetching of data takes a long time . . so pls help in preloading the workbook of tht excel sheet. . Thnk You !! :)

what is username and password of this inventry software tell me please?

I'm using visual basic 6.0..

hi!sir i need help on how to code this inventory system run..I need this code for my thesis hope u can help me...thank you.

Thank you for your Inventory System program idea it good and helpful for me.

i wanna know whats the password of the database,

i have a problem regarding making a VB inventory report because my boss want me to design a program with a diameter width and length program. . . the problem is our product doesn't sell per piece its per size and length. . so im confuse how to do it . . .please help me thanks!

why you create the application in visual basic rather you could create in plase dont mind i just want to know is it easier to work with visual basic on certain subject. how do u create barcode picture with increment in number. good work sir.

how can i get the inventory sales code pls. i do need it badly now tanx alot

can you help me.. pls. i need inventory system can you send the codes for that thank you so much here my email [email protected]

hi.. where wil i get the source code of inventory system? waiting your response

Here's the password "jaypee"^_^.

pls help me how to make a inventory system code

When I tried opening the program for me to see if it will run smoothly. There are too many errors showing up. What will I do? can you give me some instructions what to do?


its a project of mine.. can u help do a employee record and monitoring system of a hospital?? please????? tnx.. godbless..

I need to password for dadabase
myemail: [email protected]

why i cant open this program what is the version of visual Basic??thnx for the answer

Thank you for this post. This post very useful for me and IT student's, i am working at php and this site help me for the developed project. Again thanks. More project available in this url free download.


just want to ask if you have plan to release a c sharp version of this COOL Apps. tnx

Can u help me to do a simple inventory system.. My email is [email protected]

i wanna ask whether vb can be integrated online for running multiple branches? my mail is [email protected]

May i have database password. [email protected]

MY EMAIL: [email protected]

its been a big pleasure to me, if you can help me..tnx
by the way my system is use for big and small enterprises.. like for example.. groceries.. etc.

could you please help me to find a reliable design for my interface?? tnx


Can i have the password and username ? Please T.T
My Email : [email protected]

thanks :D

Hi Sir/Madam

Can I have your password database in Inventory System?




i need your help, how to create a database in inventory system? please send it to my email: [email protected].


sir can you pls send to my email the .ocx file. i just need it. thanks. here is my email add: [email protected]

how can i run the .exe application ? it says that component .ocx is missing or invalid .. please help me thank you .. thank you for your codes its helpful

this guy is trying to be over clever and not giving database password so guys here is pass jaypee

i need your help, how to create a database in inventory system? please send it to my email: [email protected], thanks..

i need your help, how to create a database in inventory system? please send it to my email: [email protected].

can i have this system to study for our thesis? that i can have my idea on it...Y

May i have database password... [email protected]

can you help for my thesis.. its talk about record system.. as of now we found a small company but our problem was we dont know how we start... email us at [email protected]..

sir can you help me to connect sql database to
[email protected]

hi sir can you help me to do my thesis...idont have an i dea to make a inventory system...pls help me to do it...tnx sir...pls help me


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