Accounting Journal Management System with Trial Balance in PHP Free Source Code

Introduction This is a Simple PHP entitled Accounting Journal Management System with Trial balance. This is a web-based application project that helps a certain company to store their transaction records for easy retrieval. The application generates a working trial balance and trial balance reports. It is easy to use with a simple and pleasant user interface using the Bootstrap Framework and

Php Sheep and Goat Management Application

Goat and Sheep Management is a web application design to management any animal husbandry farm of like kind. Features 1. Add New Born by Mother 2. View Goat ages 3. Bury Dead Goat 5. Report Missing Goat 6. Report Dashed out Goat 7. Employ Staff 8. Vaccinate goat 9. Add Income 10. Add Expenditure 11. And many more. USERNAME: NABEMJUDE PASSWORD: gandepuun Note: Configure the base.php file to suit

Inventory System v1.0.75

This is an advance Inventory System that I've made before. It has a lot of features that you can use in your own program. Features of this program are as follows: Purchase order are put on hold prior to final posting. Purchase/Sales order return. The system automatically detect if all items in purchase order has been delivered. Items in listview turns red if all items has been delivered. Items