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Below is a video tutorial for the Inventory System v1.0.75. It explain on how to operate this program in a step by step process. Not everything is included but it will help you to explore the basic features of the program.

Don't hesitate to ask any question regarding this tutorial.


sir why I can't open the Source code of Inventory system or run i mean.. it said that you must start up in main sub form. but i've done that but nothing happen always an error when i start running the program?? please reply sir..

Do you have a Inventory Control System in delphi?

so that can use it as reference!

thank you!

what is the password of database

Hi good day can you helpp me i'm a 3rd year students BSIT can you give me a code for an IGP Sales and inventory System in a php codes andthe database is mysql???? really i needed your codes !!!!just e-mail it here: [email protected]
thank you once again!!!!!
hope you can help me!!
i owe you a lot.

Sir,thank you for your system.Your system was created in VB6,can I open
your system in vb2010? thanks.

how can i use the database using ORACLE 10g/11g? can u help me? please.. i need to finish my thesis.. :|

Sir, I was so thankful. That i found your site. and your projects helped me so much. I just want to ask, if this Inventory System that you had created is purely made by only Visual basic 6 and microsoft access? what version of Visual Basic and Microsoft access that you had used to this project? Thank you Sir and more power to you. God bless.

gud murning.. may i asked if were i get a sample of inventory system in turbo C++...
may i asked if u will give me 1 of sample of it... anyone have the right to answer my question..

hello sir... actually plz give me the username and can send me in [email protected]

is there any later version for this inventory system? it just happened that i can't open nor edit or observe the code in MS Visual Studio 2010. thanks anyway. :(

i am developing an automated payroll system with fingerprint scanner dtr can you help me how to make a code regarding calculations of dtr

can you make me sample program of inventory system of medicine w/ patient profiling,,,plz


i downloaded library mgmnt system(in access),hotel management system ,payroll system and inventory management system ....but i can't access any of them.
with Libraray system i don't have the password and all rest which are in vb i can't open then they give the msg "error accessing system registry"............even though i did download the .ocx files given.
can u help a little. i have windows 7 and Vb 2008 (thought maybe its helpful)

I want to download to tutorial video, but how

i am an accountant and i am looking forward to learn the basic and be able to make a computerized accounting...hope that you would be able to guide me on what book/s should i buy or what program shoud i look and read for me to learn how to make a program about accounting cycle...there is no problem with the accounting set up coz i already knew the accounting cycle, what i wanna learn/know is how to do the basic coding such as the mathematical computations especially if i am going to use the forms vba forms....thanks...

waaahh.. i can't open the source code since im using Visual Studio 2008..

can you help
my probs.
in codes invetory system
how do first???????

uhmm I am looking for a grading system using vb6 here at your site Mr. admin and I cant find any. I need it for the completion of my enrollment+billing system. its for my Management Information System (MIS). If you dont have it here, its fine with me. I tried to make one but non of it is functioning right hehehe, only the enrollment+billing system that I made is functioning right. If I have that grading system, I will merge it with my enrollment+billing system.

thank you in advance for replying...

I don't know if I have time to do that.

can i as a favor? can you send it to me if you had made the grading system? if its not ok, dont bother yourself. and if you want to send, send it here [email protected]

thank you again in advance Mr. Admin

how can i take off the on the enter password and user menu?so that no one will know that i just downloaded it??

Well, edit it...

i am a college student and we have this subject systems analysis and a requirement to pass the subject we are assigned to develop a program of a certain company.the one we choose is an inventory system of a simple burger store.can you please guide us how to create a database to be use same as what you did oon your sample project Inventory System v1.0.75..please?
my e-add is [email protected]
hope to hear you soon..we needed it.thanks and more powers.

With all the stuff that I am doing right now, I cannot help you on your project. Study the code or better find a programmer to help you.

enx foe the sample system..

i hope that i will understand the flow of the system..

gud afternun sir can u teach us or give us a sample program?

our project proposal is an inventory system in a gen. merchandise we hope you can help us . .

this is my email add u can send it here anytym . .

[email protected], [email protected]

thnx sir i apprec8 it a lot if u help me to my project . .

Download my inventory system and study the code. If you find it difficult to understand then ask question again.

hello gud pm sir can i ask favor to help me with my project i am a first year IT student. pls help me on my project this is the situation{ promt user to input scores for quiz 1, quiz 2, class standing, exam
q1 20% q2 20% class standing 10% exam 50%

create program that compute the grade of a student and display the grade equivalent 100-98=1.00 97-95=1.25 94-92=1.50 91-89=1.75 88-87=2.00 86-84=2.25 83-81=2.50 80-78=2.75 77-75=3.00. thanks you so much in advance Sir

do you have any program in turbo c..? i really need it.."
i know you can help me,,,

a c program that is structured program.."

grading system.."

you can send it to me at [email protected]

tnx in advance sir.."
any help is highly appreciated.."

Even how kind a man can be. He/she will not give what you want. Try to create your own and look for help as you go along.

how sure ur program is running?

Hi, I have download the inventory system and its great.
One problem is, I dont understand the forwarded guide and how and when to use it...pls educate me on it... [email protected]

Forwarded guide is like a pre-receiving of items.

what are the sourcecode of shutdown the computer using the turbo c.?

i would to f what are the codes of shutdown the computer using the turbo c

i have downloaded your inventory system, but i don't know how to open it in ms access???help me pls....

This is a visual basic project and not ms access.

.. i guess i almost did everything but the program still doesnt run and i cant even view the codes.. after downloading it do i have to do other things just to view or run the program?..



Kindly read FAQ.

Hi sir..thanks for sharing your system. I feel glad having a copy of it but unfortunately, i have encountered 102 errors when i run the program. I have not edited or changed any part of it.. Can you help me in fixing those bugs? Thanks a lot!


first thanks very much to you!
can you help me password database access?

Hi.. I'm already going to start my thesis and we are required to use for creating our program.
is there any way that you could help me create an inventory system and the sysren olso can reade the barcode in or c#?
i really need some help with this..
hope you understand. thank you!

I know your dilemma. But I can't really help you with your thesis project.
Please read more from FAQ.

Hi.. I'm already going to start my thesis and we are required to use for creating our program.
is there any way that you could help me create an inventory system and point of sales system using the
i really need some help with this..
hope you understand. thank you!

If you really wanted to start your thesis, my advice is to read some book(s). You cannot do this overnight. This is programming and it takes a lot of time sometimes to learn.

Buy some recommended book at the Books menu above. Don't wait until somebody will do it for you.

I can only help you with my existing project. Besides that, I can't do anything.

Good luck!

masyadong complicated gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!
walang for begginers only?


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