Inventory System Version 1.0

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About this code I called it Inventory System Version 1.0 using C/C++ as my base language. It has many functionality that will manage the whole day to day transaction of a business. This code shows how to use C/C++ as your language to develop database application.

If you like this code send me an email at [email protected]. People here in the Philippines may reach my through my mobile phone number 09296768375. Thank you very much and Happy Programming.


Mr. Jake Rodriguez Pomperada,MAED - Instructional Technology


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Hi cnu po may alam dto kung panu gumawa nf inventory report using c-language.. pleaaase help me aaaasaaaap ....thanks

can any one send me student database in
turbo c ide 3.00
which menu is

1:enter record
2:show record
3:updat record
4:delete record
5:search record
6:pass student
7:faile studend
8:sort (assending order)
9:sort (dessending order) 10:percentages
enter choice:

i am a studend and this
is my first simester final assignment i
am waiting thanx

so good!

Hi sir Jakerpomperada, jherson and im nwebie in programming,..i want to ask a simple favor for you,..can you make a simple library system using C language?..i want to get some ideas in your codes so i can make my own also,..please response to my email:

[email protected]

thank you and have a good day!..

happy programming! :-)

Hi! can i ask some help from you sir..I need the source code for voting system using turbo C...please i really need your help sir...thank you so much...
this is my email aDd sIR... [email protected]...

i hav an inventory system also in c++ but an error kips on poppin up:"bios.h not found in the library" wat shuld i do???/

hi sir can you give me the source code of this? inventory system version 1.0 i need it right now plsz as soon you read this send me plsz thx!

good afternoon sir jake,

I would like to ask a help using c language spefically inventory system,
I've found a good one on this site( which you created.

please po pa- help nman, pa-send nman po ng code (Inventory System Version 1.0 ) - Lydias department store.

thank you very much! God Bless!

Best Regards,

Jinky Baguasan - Tumasis

i am 1st year student looking for assistance in creating a dvd reantal system that generates a monthly report using c programming can someone help me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee......................................???????????????????????/

hello sir i am in need of assistance in developing a c program for a dvd rental store which does the functions of an inventory that generates a monthly rport can u help me?
thanx in advance.

Hi all i am final year student . I need someone to help me to design a program using to handle stock keeping and sales keeping in a pharmacy

anyone can help me to make a program about lending system using c language..
Plz Help me!!

Is this a requirement or not? Because if not it's better if you use VB.

hello pohh...I am Computer Science Student...can you i ask help for a code of LEnding System using the TURBO C LANGUAGE...???



it's really a nice system!

could you help to write the project (code) from C i 'm trying do this project and i've finished yet.but i can do some codes "conversions of numbers to Octal and to Hexadecimal" and also "Binary search" in binary the sourse code is very long and i don't understand .do you have any codes???? help me please....

gawan niyo naman po ako ng lending system
tapos explain niyo din po ang codes

can you give me an inventory system regarding the stocks of a certain usiness??
i need it right now.

elo po, ask ko lng po kng willing k po gmawa ng program, java mobile message recycler, para po xang recycle bin waah...need ko po pls..


Actually this code can run using C language just give it a try. Im using Turbo C 2.0 in this project of mine.


Jake :-D




can i ask for an inventory sample codein C Language? much

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