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Do it yourself, please...

Hello sir plz send me complete vb assignmnet (with coding) on small hotel/motel management using access .plz sir plzzzzzzzz my email id is [email protected]'s very very urgent.

Can u help me with this?
I need a source code to make a hotel reservation system in VB.NET.

I'm looking forward for your reply..


Navigate at the right sidebar to download the free source code for Hotel Reservation System (VB.NET).

I am a computer science student in my country Nigeria
I have an assignment to develop a Club management/dues payment and accounting program.

Club member registers and upload their passport.

The club has sections which has difference dues and also the overall dues of the club.

Please provide me with your email so I can send u the full details.

I would be glad if u would help me

Sorry but I cannot create the whole program for you. Instead study the source code in this website and make your own.

You can ask question when you encounter a problem for the code later on...

Please, send me full source code of Hotel Management and Inventrory Management,PayRol System (Developed in .Net (,Vb.Net, with Manual .....

My Email Id -- [email protected]

hi, can you tell what is the password in database in Microsoft access? tnx

password for the database in microsoft access

where can i get b8controls.ocx pls help me tnx.. or just send me the file in this email add [email protected] thnx alot.. pls pls pls...

Sir will you plzz.pass me the whole codes of your hotel management information system.....just snd it to my email [email protected] you so much ... Sir i really need it right now... i used it on my project design...

Sir will you plzz.pass me the whole codes of your hotel management information system.....just snd it to my email [email protected]

Am working on a hotel management system in vb6.0 as a project.
I have a small problem..
I hv 5 tables but before the client can check in i need to check the availability of the room.
i need to check the status in the room table if the room of type (single or double or deluxe).
Am using ADODC..
i need your help..
i cant do this code at all..
Can u plz help me..
my mail is [email protected]
thnx in advance..

Give us some portion of your work which you need help.

i hv a table room with the following fields:

roomid,price per children,price per adult,type of room,status

type of room can be single Room,double Room, honeymoon,
family,super deluxe.
for my reservation form i hv a check availability button in it..

the person inputting the details just need to select the type of room from a dropdown list..
After selecting the type of room, there is the check availability button that comes now..
for this button i need to go to the room table to see if a room of type single or double or deluxe is available or not.

plz do tel me if you are declaring more variables
as i hv already declared db and rs globally..
i hv started the code as follows:

Private Sub cmdAvailability_Click()
Set db = OpenDatabase("C:\Users\Desktop\Hotel system.mdb", False)
Set rs = db.OpenRecordset("room", dbOpenDynaset)

If cboType.Text = "Single Room" Then

function of button check availability:

check the status of the type of room chosen
see if the room is vacant
if room is occupied disable save button and a msgBox appears no rooms are available
if room is vacant then msgBox i.e Room is available..

please do help me..please..
Thanx in advance..

Your technique is redundant. If you see my hotel reservation system you do not need to call a procedure in order to know if the room is available. In my room window you'll already know if the room is vacant or not. I think this is the best solution for your problem. Just copy some code on my program and integrate it on your own.

i hv a problem to run your program..

Private Sub b8SBT_SizeChange(ByVal newSizeState As b8Controls4.eSizeState)

it highlights the above codes n says in a msxbox

Compile error:
"user-defined type not defined"

plz help me..
thnx in advance..

Did you register the b8controls.ocx?

I dont know how to do this .. please help me..
Can u please tell me what need to be done?
Thnx in advance.

Read the readme.html inside a zip file and also the FAQ.

hello reply to me in my mail.. i want you to help me in doing the check availability button of my Project..

i knw its a small work..
But am not able to proceed further..
my mail is [email protected]

i want to discuss with you a bit on it..
Thnx in advance..

What is the subject of your email? So I can identify yours.

may i knw your mail add..

Use the contact page if you want to email me.


good day sir,,can u help us how to make a source code of Hotel reservation system,,,,this is our project in ASP.NET,,,
Plssss ,,asap




Download my hotel reservation system and study it as long as you can so you will know how it works.

can u plz send me the source code of hotel management system in netbeans(6.5.1) connected to database mysql.
my id is [email protected]

hello sir i would like to ask you if you have tried to create a payroll system using php and mysql, if so can i get from you a sample code? i really need it please help is my email address: [email protected]

Sorry but I don't have payroll made in PHP.

i hav downloaded ur project on hotel management but wen i try to laod it ...this is displayed...error loading ..\crvier.dll..and..error loading..\b8Controls4.ocx..plz help

now that u suggested me to do project in vb on hotel managemnt system...cud u plz help me in any erd diag...plz

What is the password for the database?


Can I have this code in VS2005.


The source code is available only for 2008 version and I don't have plan of making a 2005 version.

Sir, please tell me how can I change the web site address and email ID and TIN number and how to place my own logo on the top of final bill print page.

Edit the business info in data.mdb database. To change the logo you need crystal reports 8.5.

i am bca-iii student, i have to submit a project on hotel management system....i am thinking about to use visual c++ as front end....cud u plz suggest me regarding this

Although you can do it in visual c++ but I don't recommend using it for database programming. Use visual basic instead.

sir,i urgently need any minor project on netbeans.
plz help me in my study.
my email id is [email protected]
i will be very thankfull to u.

Sorry but I don't have code in java.

sir pls snd the project.i don't airline project in vb and access.pls snd to my email id [email protected]

hello sir.
i want any database project on netbeans.
i will be very thankfull for ur genuine concern.

please i would like you to help me get a software and the codes with the documentation of the project i will like to practice and be good
my email address is [email protected]

Can u help me with this?
I need a source code to make a reservation system in PHP.

if you have any information about that, could you inform me at [email protected]?

I'm looking forward for your reply..

Thanks before..

Please go to and search for hotel reservation system.

I downloaded your .Net version, that is great. Will you planning to use and VBScript to further upgrade your program into a Web-base program ?

For now I dont' have plan of doing so.

hi bro,

why when i clicl manage users options no screen pop-up ?


If you are talking about the VB.NET version, then I am still working on it.


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