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This program is like a question and answer game. I pattern the design from who wants to be a millionaire. I made this program last January 2002.
This is very useful for college students who would like to imitate the concept of this study.

Inside a game is a list of category that you can select like science, music, entertainment, computer, religion and general. The question is stored in a database called question.mdb.

At the end of the question a top 10 list of winner calculated by the highest point plus time the question finished will be shown.

You will also like the skin of this program. Don’t hesitate to copy the source code and upload the updated version of this program if you like.

To download genie.acs please visit the download section.

To download more source code I made for thesis writing please visit Good News to College Students article.

Note: Due to the size or complexity of this submission, the author has submitted it as a .zip file to shorten your download time. After downloading it, you will need a program like Winzip to decompress it.

Virus note: All files are scanned once-a-day by for viruses, but new viruses come out every day, so no prevention program can catch 100% of them.


1. Re-scan downloaded files using your personal virus checker before using it.
2. NEVER, EVER run compiled files (.exe's, .ocx's, .dll's etc.)--only run source code.


sir..i like this game,do u hav a sample like this using vb10?

helo po boss ,admin ;

let' play form yn po sir error... saan po to bakit ndi ko po boss nakita ??? at yung pag record ng score wla u help me???needed for tommorrow ... this is my email [email protected]

eloo po boss,admin;

bkt ayw po lumabas??sa pag run ng app??dba po pag click sa let's play button dapt lumabas yung category din na EASY, MEDIUM, then HARD???kac pag click ko sa lets play buton ...yung subjct category na agad ang lumalabas....ehhh..

hi sir...what PL gamit???? i need this kind of idea... super like...

help nmn po pls ty in advance.. need lang po tlg rush

pwd nyo bang providan...php language?? were not use bb language kasi sir

hi sir can this program will be run in 2010

Hi Jay, Please let me see/have your actual dissertation for the educational game above...I already developed my game in but just need to start on the report....please please let me know, I really need guidance...cheers

please send to my email the running program of this educational game
[email protected]
thanks!!! :))

Sir, I have a problem regarding on our thesis project proposal, we cannot stimulate what project were going to make. Our thesis project will be in relevance with the used of such device that can help our school improved and easier. For this instances, i am humbly ask what preferable project would you suggest to us using devices that is compatible with program to VB...
We have certain ideas about that but our professor suggested to pass 3 that they can choose whatever project it is,...that can benefit our school and to make our school facilities easier to finish the task... thx

we have two choices in making a thesis title,the educational computer games and another one is tutorial.Which one of these two is the best to make in a i will choose the edu-computer games,what type of games can i make?Can you give me some suggestions?
thank you sir!

hello sir!
we're making a thesis proposal this second semester,can you give me a suggestion on what games we can make in a simple visual basic?Another choice is tutorial. in the two choices,what is the best to make?Can you give me an idea about the title of these two?Thank you admin!

sir,can you give me a title on educational games or a tutorial one.

sir can you give a proposed title about our thesis in the subject of SDD(system Analysis and Design) .the topic area about Game Development, Moble APPs, Business Intelligence, Decision Support Systems and E.Learning.

sir admin where having a difficulty in our thesis , hmm what title of thesis can you suggest ? yung simple pero astig sir, email me [email protected] because i cant visit this thread every day due busy days in researching,too badly needed this month of july. im planning the classroom scheduling system, and student guidance , daily time record system and inventory system can you do that sir? do you have any documentation.

hi can you help in our thesis . . can you teach me how to use a adobe flash in our thesis game because
me and our group hindi alm kung pano mag didisappear ung object??? can u teeach me how???

can you suggest any simple games using java (netbeans).pls just a simple one.tnx.. its my first time here....

can you gives some idea about our thesis..can you suggest any educational games or compurerized aided instruction(Cai)..tnx..

how to make a visual basic direction game??

Do you know how to make an application or software that connects with a hardware? Specifically a web cam, analog cam, or any cameras. Because we have difficulties in making this project a success and we are using C++. Can you help my team? We are studying in WVSU IICT here in Iloilo. Our thesis title is Automatic Vehicle Identification Using Video-based Character Recognition.


sir i have my project development and i have no idea on what title i proposed can you give me an downlodable system.

please help me to get an ideal title thesis proposal for comsci


can you please help me how to create a question and answer game using c++.


kuya ,,, help me how to make educational game !!?

i have media file magic.wmv and i want to get properties of this file like duration, dimension, bit rate and size in coding. how can i get these properties in vb

kuya will you please help us to make a games..

nice one bro i can do dis also

Nice One BrO!!!!

cAN u b My FrEND!!

or caN we SaY!!

AdViseR abOut COdES???


Just Pm me!!

[email protected]

tnx a LoT!!

i have also a problem about our thesis we still don't finish our project it is all about who wants to be millionaire
can you help us plsss

sory but i cant find the instructions would you please tell me where the instructions can be found?

and where the source code is. . sorry for my foolishness ^^

Did you already installed genie.acs?

active X cant create object "429"? what seems to be the problem here?

Please read the instruction on how to run this program.

do you know how to make a game using visual basic

Yes just like above. But not like super mario. :)

wer having our thesis as of now,,, & wer having some difficulty in making AI... as a matter of fact until now we still don't have technical adviser....can u help us?

What school you were studying?

cn u give me some idea on what can i do in our project at VB....?i dont know what to just a simple program ...?
im a comsci student

The best thing you do is study the source code here. There is no simple program in this world. Everything has a complex logic.

You are dealing with computer language and not human language. So better study every piece of code.

C:\WINDOWS\MSAGENT\CHARS\Genie.acs error po!. gusto ko sana marinig yung sound......

try to search the file loc. nya boss..then change... :)

I'll add this file under the download section.


look for the file location change genie.acs kung ano na doon sa folder..

can i have the genie.acs???
once i run the program, en error pops up....thanks for your time and generosity

sir can it run in VB 2008 thanks...

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